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  • Jerry - Just so much fun. Open it up and you have so much ...

    Just so much fun. Open it up and you have so much air. Close it up and you are in all the comforts of your old car.... Remember the old car. Ha!

  • Steve R - Who you gonna call?

    Sadly, as is usually the case with a "reboot" it is not as good as the original. The story, the character interaction, the music, the whole feel was not as good as the real Ghostbusters. The highlights of the film are the cameos by the original cast.

  • Jenn - Look Great

    Once you tackle the battle of getting the brake cover on, they're great and look awesome! You may as well throw out the useless instruction sheet that comes with it. The gas cover slid right on fairly easy. The break cover, in my opinion, especially during the winter (where temps don't work with you on this one) it was nearly impossible to get on. We tried lubricant, soap, hair dryer, screwdriver to help pry it over the break plate. Finally, after an hour of struggling, I searched for others opinions on how they managed to install. What finally worked for me was boiling a small bit of water and letting the rubber lie in it for a few minutes to really get it plyable. Wahla! Hopefully this helps other buyers avoid wasting time and allow for a much smoother install.