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  • Matthew - Great tea I lost a lot of weight!

    This tea was very vital to me being able to lose weight. The tea tastes really good, it tastes very similar to other tea that I drink so I didn't notice any change that I had made in my routine. Over the 28 day detox I had lost over 17 pounds. I am far less hungry throughout the day after drinking this tea in the morning. I really like the positive effects from this tea. I have had great results.

  • J. King - Flakes?

    I bought this via Amazon. There weren't any recent 2016 reviews so I took a chance. It comes out of the bottle looking smooth and creamy, but as I put it on I get flakes or little balls that don't rub in. I feel like I need to put it on IN the shower or I'll get flakes of brown tanner staining the whole bathroom. What is up with that? I shake the bottle very well, too. Is it "old"? There is some ingredient(s) in it that solidify and flake.--Besides this annoying trait & the enormous price--the color is just right for me...nice warm brown. Not intense. I put it on each Sunday, and it lasts the week showering daily. The smell of it isn't great (kind of like cooking oil after a day), but I've tried worse...maybe it is rancid? and that's why it's got this sediment? If anyone out there knows what is wrong with it, let me know, and thanks.