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  • Leah Kay - This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils

    Stretching and shrinking of the belly requires extra moisturization on the skin to soak in. I had a baby and currently am on my 45 lb weightloss journey postpartum. While being pregnant, I put on lotion multiple times a day. Postpartum has been a little more of a challenge because I needed to find a more natural product since I have been extended breastfeeding. This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils. It moisturizes well with not tacky residue. It took about 2 minutes for the butter to soak into my skin. It takes very little of this product t o get enough moisturization for the entire stomach. The entire stomach requires me to use about a teaspoon of product. I have been using this product for about a week and haven't seen any lightening of my stretch marks, but I haven't seen any new stretch marks spring up from my weight loss.

  • Darrick - It handles like a sports car

    It handles like a sports car, but not as fast. It has a very smooth and quite ride considering it sits low to the ground on 15" tires. But, most importantly I'm averaging 70 miles per gallon. Yes, this is no typing error...70 miles per gallon. I fill my tank up once a week when my car hits a half tank. Because of the 11 gallon tank it only takes about $12 -$14 dollars per week, or less than $60 a month. I stand 5'11" tall and I have plenty of room to stretch out my legs and the back seats have just as much room. This is the perfect car for people, like me, who commute 40 -50 miles per day. The Prius Two Eco.

  • Zeus - This book, Tor And The Dark Net, at ...

    This book, Tor And The Dark Net, at first I've already heard about this "dark net" or the deep-web. Honestly, this web makes my mind curious what all about this, what this kind of web is this. But this book, saying this web must be avoided, because of theres a hidden transactions in this web. People must know about this dark side of the web, to be well informed about this kind of web.

  • SunnyBeachLife - NOT FOR DRY SKIN!!

    As I've stated on other websites, this product is NOT for dry skin!! I plunked down $250 to try it all and try it all I did. I gave it months of trials trying to get my skin to look wonderful like the infomercials..I would even have settled for my skin looking a tad better than it did. No dice. It caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it streaked, it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, it made my face look floury like a clown and I hated all of it and it all sits wasted in my closet. There is NO miracle makeup, different makeup works differently for different types of skin and I can't see how this dry powdery substance with no moisturizing qualities would even remotely look good on dry skin.