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  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/roh/therapy/ Therapy - Eden Health Care Services - Themes in Therapy include: Regulating Conflict, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Parenting and Family Issues, Separation / Divorce, and more.
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  • Amazon Customer - Didn't Work For Me

    Took exactly as directed, ate very healthfully, small portions, low-carb, etc., got at least one hour of activity/exercise every day - and lost 0 (Zero) pounds over a month. When will I learn that weight loss does not come in a pill? Might work for someone who is very overweight, I just wanted to lose about 20 pounds.

  • Joanna D - Fascinating.

    Fascinating information. I have been "sleeping grounded" for a few months and also try and get some outdoor barefoot time. I have noticed that my 17 year old dog will lay on the sheet on my bed (as opposed to sleeping higher up on the bed like she used to). I have also noticed that when we go outside, she now lays on the grass (before she would jump up on the couch with me or sit on the pavers. I think my dog likes earthing! :) For me, I feel much better now than I did before I started earthing; however I can't say it's all due to earthing since I have been implementing other lifestyle changes to improve my health at the same time. I did get my mom an earthing mat too and she has noticed a decrease in her headaches, which used to be daily and now happen less often. She was more skeptical than I was when I first heard of Earthing, but I can say that we have both become "believers." When we were reading the book, both of us remarked on how we wished we knew about this information years ago. Watching my father suffer for years with diabetic foot wounds that would never fully heal before one leg, then another was amputated, before he finally passed away from complications of diabetes, knowing that it had been years if not decades where he was confined to wheelchairs and his bed and disconnected from the earth, we couldn't help but wonder if things could have been different and if he didn't have to suffer so much. We will never know, but we have shared our experiences with earthing, and loaned out the book to anyone who is interested in learning more. If such a simple thing can help with quality of life, why wouldn't you give it a try???

  • Amazon Customer - This book is amazing!!

    I've been following Skinnytaste for a couple of years now, and now I almost exclusively cook from Gina's recipes. It makes my life simpler to just pick from her recipes because I know they'll be good, easy to make, and healthy.