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  • Allison Wallace - Smells so good!

    I have really liked this shampoo. I love the smell of it in the shower and I do think it has helped my hair be healthier although I have not actually seen any hair growth. But my hair does look over all better.

  • Amazon Customer - Windows Store doesn't work! you can't download the game!

    I was very exited to play the new gears of war game on my pc with the new system "play anywhere" but the whole download of the game are near 80 gigabytes from the windows store on pc... and let me say it with an angry face.. the download just doesnt work.. i'm very frustrated i have tried everything that i read on the support page and countless forums on internet but nothing works.. so make yourself a favour and dont buy this game.. it's broken.. Microsoft should fix this before selling the game!

  • Markus33 - Unbelievably strong. Just wear gloves...

    A word of advice--wear rubber gloves. I used this to re-glue my convertible top to the glass window after the factory glue failed. Folks online said this was the only product that will stick to glass. And while the "only" part may or may-not be true, it definitely sticks brilliantly to glass. Oh, and to fingers--EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 bottles, it's enough to last a lifetime. But trust me on the gloves thing--you WILL glue to your thumb to your forefinger.

  • I'm from Jersey - As good as other popular softwares

    It's been running in my machines for about 6 weeks now and so far it seems to be working fine. Installation was easy also. I think this is in par with other top of the line antivirus programs that cost more money. I am satisfied, so far.

  • Kev and Deb - Great product!

    This device is perfect. The ease of use is amazing. We set up the account and registered device at sensored life. Went to our place in northern Maine, plugged it in and I was able to go to the website and there was all my info. Told me the temperature, humidity, and status of power. I unplugged unit to test and within a minute got a text alert. Plugged it back in and got another text alert with status!! You do need good cell service however. Best investment we have made in a long time. Price is great for such piece of mind. We are ordering another for our residence in mass.