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  • SauceyBiscuit - Just Under a Month and Already Bigger!

    I've been using this product for about a month now and have already started to notice a difference on my butt! After reading multiple reviews (some of which were fake) and doing some competitive pricing, I found that this particular brand Booty Magic, works the best! If I'm already noticing a difference, I can't wait for 6 months from now! I would definitely recommend this particular butt enhancement cream over the other brands! Thanks!

  • Mary - This is the most effective product I've ever seen!

    This is the most effective way I've seen to get rid of sightly black areas on the roof. While it may take a bit of time, it does work and I am forever grateful for this product which has make our roof look new again! We applied this product to our last part of the roof and are watching the ugly stuff go away. Update: We are now our our third year after using Spray & Forget and the roof continues to see no return of dark spots. I appreciate this product which extended the life of our roof.

  • Texas Knight - Feels solid and thick, but already kinked

    I bought this because I went cheap and bought a low quality hose last time. Constant kinks became leaks. This time I would get one that would not kink. Sadly, I misread the description that says it does not kink near the faucet (I though it was kink free). While watering some trees last night, the hose kinked. Then it kinked again at the same place when I pulled it to the front yard. The hose is stored on a winding spool, so i do not see where the storage would create this.

  • Johnny Phive - Great affordable smart outlets

    Great affordable smart outlets. These work flawlessly with Echo. The only caveat is that you need to do the proper setup with the TPLINK Kasa app on a mobile device that is connected to your network. You setup the outlets on your network via the Kasa app and THEN and only THEN can you successfully setup the connection to your Echo via the Alexa mobile app. Once the setup was completed on the TP-Link/Kasa side, adding it to echo was a snap. Worked flawlessly with Alexa ever since. I use it for a standing lamp and for the air conditioner. It also helps to name the items in a basic way. keep it simple. I tried to just use "AC" for the air conditioner and found that alexa had a hard time with that. Maybe if i spelled it phonetically it would work better, but i just opted for "Air Conditioner" and Alexa understands that without any issue at all. So just be sure to follow the instructions for the TP-Link first and get it setup on your home network with the Kasa App and then move onto the process of adding it to the Echo and things should work out. I want to buy these things every time they are on sale but have a hard time justifying it to my wife and/or finding a device to connect to it haha.