swallowing dramamine - I've said what I said and you know what I mean, but I can't still focus on anything.

  • http://dropshock.tumblr.com/post/148215300610/httpssoundcloudcomjesse-walker-139136084loade https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/loade... - swallowing dramamine - https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/loaded-80bpm-free-trap-instrumental
  • http://dropshock.tumblr.com/post/140877539950/httpssoundcloudcomjesse-walker-13913608460bpm https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/60bpm... - swallowing dramamine - https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/60bpm-beat-tar-prod-by-j-c-instrumental
  • http://dropshock.tumblr.com/post/140404199060/httpssoundcloudcomjesse-walker-139136084trap https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/trap-... - swallowing dramamine - https://soundcloud.com/jesse-walker-139136084/trap-beat-toe-noe-prod-by-j-c-70bmp-instrumental

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  • Satisfied Customer - Thanks

    Works fine...........need to uninstall newer version first and choose save settings........then install older version and then choose update version from drop down after install........fast shipping.........item as described..........

  • BernardZ - Ruining a good series

    I went to see the movie being told that it was reasonable and its was not so gender political correctness so as I liked the Ghostbuster series which I felt was brilliant. I felt I had to see it.

  • Rebecca - worth the money

    I have gradually come to terms with the fact that my hair is curly. After spending years blowing out my hair and straightening it only to have it poof up with a hint of moisture in the air I decided to give up and embrace the curl. I'll admit I did not know how to care for curly hair and started doing some research. On a recommendation I looked into deva curl. After trying pain co washing for a few weeks I finally splurged on the deva curl. I have never bought into the hype that the more expensive the product is the better it is but in this case there is no comparison between normal drug store brands and Deva Curl. My curls are more defined and almost completely frizz free, which I never thought possible. I am currently using the no poo, one condition and either the ultra or light defining gel. While the products themselves make a major difference knowing how to use them properly produces even better results. I was using them for a few weeks with decent results but after watching some videos about how to use the three step and having it explained in person as a hair model at the Deva Curl academy my hair looks great. Not only are the before and after pictures on the web legit they are easily repeatable at home. While I can't say this is the best curl product out there it does work and I would suggest anyone unhappy with their curly hair to give it a try or look into other curl friendly products. I've seen some complaints about the smell of the product. It does have silght chemical, I'm in a salon type smell I actually liked it. You may want to try with a smaller size or go with the deva care line if you think this may be an issue for you.

  • Jessie J - I got a horrible yeast infection

    I waited a year to write this review because I wanted to test if the probiotic would work long term and it did! My problems started with a UTI so I went on Bactrim and that is what messed up my PH balance. Right after I got done with the antibiotic, I got a horrible yeast infection. So then I took Diflucan. Then after that they said I had BV so then I went on Metro antibiotic for that. Then a few weeks later I noticed yeast infection symptoms and went on Diflucan and then back on the Metro antibiotic again..... I was so tired of everything at that point so I looked further into what else can help and found Rephresh. I used the gel inserts here and there at first when I started the probiotic. Within 2 weeks I was back on track and within 4 months of taking them every day, my balance is back on track. It has been a year now and I haven't needed them since. If I ever go on antibiotics again. I'm taking these!

  • C. williams - first time

    Hi my name is candy and I am from the bahamas, this is my first order of bnb pills and just started taking them on tuesday 2nd april as soon as it arrived, so far I have not experience any bad feeling or illness from the product except cut my appetite I am never hungry have to force my self to eat but so far so good thisbis day 4 now so I will keep you guys posted on what the income is so wish me look.

  • Evie R. - but she doesn't love it. As a parent there are some negatives

    Overall, my daughter likes her Mamaroo Plush, but she doesn't love it. As a parent there are some negatives. You have to buy the infant insert. Honestly a product this expensive and designed for infants should have the insert included. Also, the main portion of the straps are NOT detachable from the base. This is awful for an infant product. Who would design an infant product that can't be easily washed completely? We've had several diaper blowouts and even a really bad spit up all over the buckles and you have to "spot clean" them. It is totally gross!! Hopefully the newer model fixes this issue.