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  • Outlander - Legends of Rock and Roll- Great set Lists- Well Played -Fun

    A band that defined a generation. The only reason I did not give this five stars is the lack of blu ray sound processing. One of the best harmonizing trios ever and NO DTS High Definition Master recording is a disappointment. Still, it is well recorded just compressed. Yes, everybody is older, and voices are tad strained, but this is music that is about real life. These guys are the real deal. And they can still play very well. Excellent

  • Dylan H. - I would buy again

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. The look to be decent pedals for the price. They are a bit stiff but feel solid. Good deal over all.

  • Amazon Customer - Ihave been using this for several years.

    It has everything I need to do my taxes. I buy the cheapest version. I have various investments. Fairly easy to use. warns you of possible errors you might be making. IRS has never complained.

  • Shauntel G. - It's so simple, don't make it hard!

    Initially I left a horrible review. I'm not ashamed to retract and admit it was my "User error". I mixed and matched with Wemo light switch and didn't realize I choose a less expensive TP Link outlet plug. I tried connecting it via Wemo app periodically for 2 days with no sucess. I decided to write a bad review and return it. I began looking for a different brand when I realized the price difference between Wemo and this tp link. It hit me I did pay the lesser of the two, I mixed the two product brands! Duh!!! Immediately I went on YouTube , viewed the directions and set this up in 5 minutes. I linked it to my network and my Alexa. The easiest thing I've ever done. I purchased this for my young son who was scared to go to the bathroom at night because of the dark. He would wake my wife and I up at night to escort him to the restroom. That started getting old quick. Now he tells Alexa to turn on the lights; no longer afraid and goes on his own. This is an awesome product and made me feel like a great Dad. As a young child I too was afraid of the dark, sometimes still am, lol. My father use to scold me, " be a man, there are no monsters". I didn't want to take any chances, so like many kids, I suffered some nights holding it in. As parents, I feel we must be more understanding and not unintentionally traumatize our children by becoming an unsympathetic monster. I am so great full we have this technology. I hope to make my entire house "Smart". This is the way of the future, embrace it! I highly recommend this product.

  • karenmitzie - Little known facts about our country

    This book is very informative in regard to little known facts about our country's history up to the present. It is an excellent read for anyone seeking to know the truth behind many of the problems and issues in our country.