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Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • debbi - Great support

    My cat came down with hyper thyroid disease..and after doing some research, this product helps support the thyroid function and normal appetite and weight.

  • Stephanie R. Porvaznik - Love this protein powder

    Love this protein powder! Taste great with no aftertaste. Easy way to get daily protein in. Also works great in recipes for added protein. Can't wait to try the vanilla too.

  • Picky Girl - Seriously great vacuum - even handles construction dust!

    I find it very strange to say I love a vacuum, but I do. I purposely waited a few months to make sure it didn't break right away or have other issues before I posted my review. This vacuum is amazing. We are remodeling our house and everything gets coated with a layer of fine dust. The Shark does a great job and so far is still working great. We also did the test where we used another vacuum and then went over the same area with the Shark. It was amazing how much more this vacuum picked up! I feel like I'd been living with really dirty carpets before. It also does a great job with pet hair and switches from hardwood or tile floors to carpet and does an equally quality job on each. We have a 3 story house and are going to buy a Shark for each floor. Highly recommend.

  • Ran Swift - Great shipping! Good product!

    Product was what to be expected, didn't fit my car perfect but works, will do business with them again good service.

  • Tanisha Cook - Better than a Yeti! Very sturdy and keeps the drinks cold for hours.

    This is better than a Yeti and that is coming from my husband who has a Yeti tumbler cup and likes mine better. It comes with two tops(one which is sliding and one that is just open like the single one that comes with the yeti cup). Both fit the stainless straw that come with it and we use it for ice water and protein shakes. My husband used mine for a shake that he left sitting out for hours and thought it would be gross but it was still ice cold. He had it at work in the fridge where someone flung it open and the cup fell out. The lid didn't even pop off, nothing spilled out and there wasn't a scratch or dent on it. This is made out of very thick sturdy metal. It's a less expensive better version of the Yeti.

  • Mark I. - Looked new

    The fob looked brand new. The dealership charged me $107 to program and cut the key. That is the part that is a rip-off, but not as big as a rip-off as a dealership charging $300 for a new one. Thus this lil baby only cost me 1/2 price. BTW, dealer said if key couldn't be programmed he was still going to charge me the $107! Glad it worked!

  • Major Doodle - Probably worth it!

    Pretty loud and clear for a portable speaker system. I have never been disappointed with an ION product. I have a few block rockers and was excited to try this out and add it to my array. The tweeters pickup the rest of the audio range well though so you could easily use this as a stand alone system as well.