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  • Tradersuzy - Not Effective

    This item did not deliver. I sprayed it on my entire driveway to remove mold and mildew. It has been six months since I sprayed and I see absolutely no difference in the condition of my driveway. It is also very expensive.

  • Preeti - Wonderful story of sisterly love

    Wonderful story of sisterly love. She went to prison for her sister lost her job spent two years in jail when she came out she found her sister. Read on for more

  • Livelovelearn - Reduced my muscle tightness and pain. Not expecting overnight results for cellulite. Looking forward to adding to my routine.

    This product exceeded my expectations as a muscle relaxant and I could not rip off the plastic protective wrapping fast enough to try it. I have a lot of stress in my life and it tends to rest on my neck and shoulders. The cream has a thick gel-like consistency. The appearance of the color is a light shade of orange. I detected a scent which reminded me of menthol or mint which I found pleasant. I immediately applied the cream to my neck and shoulder area. I also decided to put some on my forehead because I had a slight headache. I could feel relief within a minute of applying. I have used it about 3X today with a several hour lapse between application. I felt warmth but it did not feel hot. I see there are many essential oils and natural ingredients listed on the label. I do not know how the different oils work but I have been to a massage therapist who is familiar with essential oils and this product reminded me of something she used during a treatment.

  • talang - could not control mold

    did not serve its purpose. it removed the mold, but then again so do bleach and water. i would like to know what is meant by control because after using the product the mold was back within two days and that does not sound like control.