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  • Bryant - Great power back for the size

    Took it along for a 3 day Cruise and was able to charge my son's Ipad Air twice before needing to recharge it. He's autistic and constantly has it with him to either play Movies, Music or use apps that do the talking for him. I'd usually pull it out while at Lunch and Dinner so I could Charge it while we were eating. Usually during this time we'd use it to play a Movie to keep him occupied while we ate.tery is received from Jemma Tech and the above is my unbiased and honest review.

  • Barb C - I love Flexitol Heel Balm

    I love Flexitol Heel Balm. It is the best product I've found in my 60 years of trying different heel products. In the winter, if I don't use it, my heels will crack/ split open. Those splits are very painful when walking. Flexitol Heel Balm will soften the tough calloused skin and heal up the split quickly. I also use it on my fingers. I am a nurse and wash my hands A LOT! I'll often develop a split on my finger tip hear at the side of the nail. I apply the Flexitol to my hands and the split on my finger at night and when I can durning the day. It helps heal the split on my finger tips and helps my hands recover from so much hand washing.

  • Ann Tvedte - What a great product!

    So many people think that if they get poison ivy nothing will work to help other than a visit to the doctor and steroids. This works though! I can get the rash then wash and have wonderful results. We live in Iowa by the woods and there just isn't any way to avoid poison ivy. I've used this for years and recommend it highly.

  • E. L. Fough - XS makes a fine purse

    I bought this in size XS to replace a worn out Eddie Bauer messenger-type purse (lasted about 6 years). This is heavier than the Eddie Bauer due to the heavier fabric and the waterproofing. Overall volume is about the same, but distributed differently.

  • JurgensRN - Bursting with flavor!! Easy ingredients!

    Just got my copy of this book today. So excited! The recipes look amazing, the book has many colorful pictures, easy to read format and an abundance of diversity! I'm hoping to cook my way through this entire book.


    This is an update of my initial review from a week ago and I wanted to post it so people will not be mislead by my previous comments. At first it was performing fine, but after several days I began to experience numerous problems with Webroot Antivirus. First, multiple Webroot desktop icons kept appearing on the desktop. Then Webroot was no longer showing in my programs list. It seemed to be working and scanning ok but then I began receiving Windows warnings that my computer was unprotected. So I reset my computer back to a previous date, then uninstalled and reinstalled Webroot. It was again showing in the programs list but Windows Defender suddenly became the default antivirus and it showed Webroot as being turned off. I was unable to turn it on, but again Webroot was still there and appeared to be performing normally but I didn't feel comfortable about it so I sent a message to Webroot tech support. After not receiving a response for quite a while I called Webroot tech support. I described the problem and the man asked for my email address and then put me on hold. I waited and waited and he never came back on the line and it's been almost 2 days and they never emailed a solution to me either. Very frustrated, I filled out the refund form on Webroot's website. I have since uninstalled Webroot and am now using AVG Internet Security 2013 which is running smoothly without any glitches. The only thing I can say in favor of Webroot is that they promptly refunded my money. I have a new HP laptop with Windows 8. Maybe Webroot is not compatible with my system, but in any case I can no longer recommend it.