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  • Sheila Papania - I have been using this product for a week and ...

    I have been using this product for a week and have already lost 3 lbs. I have to admit that i did miss two days but picked it right back up. I don't have the hunger issues that i had before. I received this product for free. Thank you for allowing me to review this.

  • Christina M West - I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby

    I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby. I saw this product advertised on Facebook and I've tried a MILLION different products over the years to try to make my hair look thicker (and not a single product has worked). The video for the product looked great so I thought I'd try it but it's a bit expensive (and after all, NONE of those other products worked) so I thought I would purchase the travel size 1st to test it out. One word: WOWOWW!!! This stuff is awesome and REALLY works! I would recommend it to anyone with fine hair who wants volume without your hair looking or feeling sticky. I will be purchasing the full size bottle now b/c I'm never going without this product! :D

  • Dillon - Results you can see.

    I don't about every pesrson who use's this product but I can tell you that it works very well. I'm a 6'2' male weighing approximately 210lbs and this product being used as directed will help anyone trying to reach their gaining goal. Over the course of one month of use I had increases in ability and weight. The best part is so far two months later the results are still showing.

  • Amazon Customer - It's terrible putting together by yourself

    It's terrible putting together by yourself. Definitely a two person job. Fell off of it and cut my hand and I'm kind of scared to ride it at this point so I basically wasted my money on it.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent product that works well.

    I don't tend to spend a lot of money on face creams or lotions, so to me it was a little expensive, although it seems the price has gone down on Amazon since I purchased this item. Overall I think it worked well on my wrinkles, I am not sure that I noticed a huge difference on the lines around my eyes, but it definitely worked to get rid of a deep line between my eyebrows. You do have to use it regularly, especially at first, but I have cut back to a few times a week and the deep line is still barely visible. The smell is OK to me, not too overwhelming, but there is a tingling sensation when I first put the cream on. I would recommend this to someone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Christian - I bought this bottle hoping for the best & followed the directions

    It works! It took me two bottles, but it works! My check engine light has been on again/off again for the past year. Two separate mechanics diagnosed the problem being the catalytic converter. The price tag to repair was almost worth more than the car itself. I bought this bottle hoping for the best & followed the directions. My check engine light stayed on. I read some reviews and bought another bottle, but this time I changed things up. I waited until my gas tank was much lower than the 1/4 tank requirement...waited for gas light to turn on. Pored the bottle in, then hopped on I-20. Floored the engine over and over - even manually shifted my gears despite it being auto. The light went off - I then filled the tank with 93 Chevron. That was about 2 weeks ago and it still runs great. Worth the two bottles!!

  • C. Goodwin - Works great

    Although it took me awhile to assemble the Gazelle, it was worth all the trouble. My family aren't the most mobile people, so I decided to buy this in an effort to get us moving. So far, so good. My mother and I have been on it everyday since I put it together.