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  • Grandma - works okay

    Our dental assistant suggested this for plaque build up due to dry mouth. It works okay. I use it when I brush my teeth, but it seems to be really effective, it has to be used more often than twice a day. No real difference noted at my last check-up.

  • Trevor - This is a tough thing to talk about

    Especially with the "real name" tag next to my name. But this little stool is everything they say it is. It's amazing. It sits out of the way in a very small bathroom (smaller than yours - really) until I need it, and takes next to no time to move it into position. Then before you can even unfold the newspaper (for you younger kids that's a kind of disposable paper book thing we used to have delivered to our houses daily, like milk), you're done and onto more important things.

  • Mark Robinson - Great Printer but sadly not yet ready for Mac OS X and iOS of 9/15

    There is no doubt this printer is great. It bangs out full page color and BW with a minimal ink hit - load up those reservoirs and forget about changing the ink for a LONG time.

  • Sharnna - I like this product

    I have used this product for a few years now and I really like it. I have dry hair and this product gives my hair a light grease for moisture when I add heat to it without being too oily and it smells good.

  • george b - Does not work right. And samsung customer service was ...

    Does not work right . And samsung customer service was awful. thanks to amazon i was able to send back no problems

  • Z. MACKAY - A few minor issues, but an awesome mount overall!!

    This thing is AWESOME! It is completely sturdy for our 47" with the only drawback being the length of our cables not allowing for full range of motion, but that's not the wall mount's fault! One issue I had while mounting it was that the slots for lugs are pretty limited. Hopefully your studs are lined up on either side of where you want it mounted on center, because it will only span 2 studs. For example, if you wanted it centered on a wall and you happen to have a stud in that centerline, this is not wide enough to reach 16 inches to the left and another 16 inches to the right (standard stud spacing). In order for us to mount it centered above our chimney we had to add a couple pieces of sandwiched 2x4 between some studs for the lugs to grab on to. Once it's up it is a thing of beauty! One other issue we had was that the hangar arms extended right in front of our inputs, so I wouldn't be able to plug things in to those inputs because the cables wouldn't fit with the mounting bar in the way, a sawzall fixed that problem!

  • John S. - Pricey for what it is, but it is great case

    good solid case. when you grab your phone off the counter you feel like you got something in your hand! absolutely no gaps in the phone/case nice tight fit (which is nice) i had quite a few cases since i bought my 6+ but i like this one the best. if i had to gripe about anything.....i would say just slightly more rubbery coating on the surface to help with grip factor. other than that i love it. Had a chance to test it out recently at Publix while shopping....it fell out of the cart and smacked the floor Hard! Lady in the aisle looked at me in horror.....picked it up and she said "is it ok?" Yep its fine, but i was worried about it since it was face down after the tumble. good enough for me! love the color too