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  • Shannon - Dark danger and sensual dominance

    A great read but B B Hamel only deliveries dark erotic romance and she didn't disappoint this time. Dante was brought into the mafia but he had values that would go against the familia if he didn't get away from them. One assignment that would have been another day at work, he stumbles across Jodie who he's forced to oversee and train but they connect. Their relationship forms under the most dire circumstances imaginable. The love that culminated between them was off the charts. You could feel the pull of their feelings. A great and explosive read. I truly appreciated a story where a young woman who was not so naive until she would endangered her protector by being so scared of reality or trying to run at every turn when she didn't fully understand the situation.

  • kathryn - Stop the march to becoming a banana republic

    Love the book! We need to stop our country becoming a banana republic! Educate yourself on the candidates

  • Erica C - Great lifestyle change!

    A great system that requires discipline. Great health benefits and which makes you feel good all around. Low carb, not as strict as Atkins. Need a lot of water and protein intake. Shakes are good with almond milk (chocolate is the best). Passion is your energy drink (berry is the best). Low acid diet.

  • Helen - Austrailian Dream doesn't work

    I bought the 2 oz size for $18 at Walmart. Tried on my arthritis hands and knees. I didn't get any relief at all.

  • Amanda - ITWORKS

    WAYYY overpriced on amazon and could even be expired ! To ensure the highest quality be sure to buy from an itworks distributor where you are gaureenteed good products , I get mine for ! You get a discount for becoming a loyal costomer and earn perk points ! Or you can simply buy one. If you have any questions you can ask them at the listed website !

  • your mom - Great Book

    I became interested in this book after hearing an interview with Dr. Cherniske. Although some of the book is of a technical nature, the illustrations, personal stories and plain speech make it a rather fast and easy read. Plus, the hope for a healthier lifestyle found here are encouraging to say the least. I love having a choice and certainly plan to put this information to personal use.

  • Igotthejoy - AWESOME phone. Came prepackaged

    AWESOME phone. Came prepackaged, sealed, Turned on in English. There was an Arabic file of some sort - which I deleted. The model number matches correctly. No issues or problems getting it going and activated. Took it to my local AT&T store for the sim card and it took a little extra time and a couple of restarts, but after that everything is working great. I'm still learning some of the little tricks that come with it. The cell coverage shows "4G", not "4GLTE". I don't know the difference. The ATT guy said some would say it was better, LOL. I have no idea but, whatever. There are a few pre-installed samsung/google things. Smart Switch uploaded many things, but some things like ringtones were not backed up. I had to go looking for them. In the process, I also discovered some new ones. Battery is doing just fine and lasts as expected. It has it's own Samsung factory warranty - 1 year. I haven't been able to find any way to tell for sure if this is the snapdragon or xynos processor, but as I stated earlier, the model number matches, first experience with an unlocked phone purchase on Amazon has gone well, IMHO. Thus far.