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  • Jim Nance - ... weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when ...

    I am into weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when i came across this product. The taste is decent, like koolaid, but it doesn't seem to have much fenugreek. I could probably deal with the very sweet taste this product has if it contained more fenugreek but it is listed as the third ingredient in the blend of herbs! I have used it for 10 days now and don't really feel like this has been effective.

  • Alain - Nice light!

    Nice flashlight and lantern combo! So many nice features to list. To name a few I like: cell phone charger, rechargeable, bright, compact, waterproof! This is a well thought out and designed product. Love it!

  • Myra Jo McCallie - it's okay

    it's ok -- left me hungry--- it just didn't work for me .. but i have friends that did great on it. I think you just have to find the product that works for you individually and this was not for me.

  • Joe Consumer - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (3 user)

    This is my third year that using Kaspersky on my personal laptops. I switched from McAfee after about ten years after switching from Norton. Those other products kept getting bigger and bigger, slower and slower, and their price kept going up. I just wanted good protection at a reasonable price point. Their Consumers Report rating led me to believe that switching would not introduce any additional risk over the others. I've been pleased with Kaspersky so far and the price on Amazon (about $30/year for 3 P.C.s is something that I feel is reasonable for the way I use my computer (I don't go looking for trouble when I surf and am very careful about my on-line purchases). The only gripe I still have is that the purchaser still needs to completely remove the prior years software version prior to loading the new software version. I don't know why they don't just permit existing users to enter the new purchase key and then just perform the upgrade (that is what they do if you buy direct from them at a higher price). Anyway, three years so far and no infections, trojans, viruses, or malware. I like the new user interface that Kaspersky implemented for 2014, and when I run full scans they seem to complete a bit faster (but I do not have any timing data to validate this perception). They also added some additional options for what to have the computer do (like shutdown) at the conclusion of the scan. I always like to shut my computer off when it is not in use and its nice to kick off a scan and leave to do something else without needing to return at the end of a scn to turn the computer off. I would recommend this product to family and friends.

  • JJ Sylvia IV - Leaves a lot to be desired

    I read a lot about different camera options before purchasing this one, and thought it would be a good trade-off for features vs. value.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy with my purchase

    Very happy with my purchase, I'm glad I researched this instead of buying the GoPro and throwing my money away for something that will do exactly what I need. I've tried it out already and it is simply awesome. This item here and possibly others have taken the edge of the GoPro! If you don't believe me check what GoPro stock was in 2012 vs what it is today, that market don't lie whe you have other competitors making the same item withdraw quality at a much better price!