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  • Amazon Customer - Battery eater!

    I have never had a phone which in standby mode consumes so much power. This phone needs to be charged every day with constant or limited use. I will not buy another BLU phone after this. A Samsung or Nokia will suit my needs just fine.

  • Mommybug2 - Good Time Saver

    Not a bad game, good for mixing up the routine on a rainy day. Not too challenging but I do het a decent workout. I'm generally not worn out at the end so use it when I am looking for a cardio circuit which combines cardio/strength to save time.

  • wpath - Very simple to use

    I have used the H&R Block tax software for several years, and I have always found it simple to use. The program leads you through a series of questions (which ones it asks depends on your answers), and then allows you to review and make any needed changes. The process takes ohly a short time, and then you can e-file or print and mail your return. And I have always felt like the software is exploring all possible deductions, for a maximum refund. I recommend this software highly.

  • C Anderson - The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use

    I used every day this bag while working for 18 months. It wasn't pampered in any fashion, and often found itself in rough conditions. Survived the winter of Virginia, summer of North Carolina and Brazil. Not once did water get into it and damage any material. And believe me, unexpected torrential downpour happens a lot in Brasil. Then ontop of that, it would dry fairly quickly. Often times friends would have books, pamphlets, and papers ruined, while mine were left perfectly dry. The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use. It wasn't until 16 months that the front velcro started to fray a little, but it didn't worsen after that. But considering I opened this bag 25+ times a day for 16 months, it's not bad at all. There really is superb quality that comes with any Timbuk2 bag. The inside material held up extremely well. Mine is marked up from mens and other things I've put into the bag, but it never tore or failed in quality. I loved being able to adjust the shoulder strap. Some days while carrying around heavy stuff, it was nice to have it high, and some days it was nice to let it hang lower. It's quick and easy.