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  • Mahimahi - Nest Thermostat nearly destroyed my new AC equipment

    I am returning the Nest thermostat tomorrow because it is constantly powering the AC on and off every minute or two. It is apparently a problem with the trickle charge necessary for the thermostat's built-in battery. Newer AC equipment like I have (two years old) is more sensitive to this situation and reacts by constantly turning the unit on and off according to Nest's technical support. After dealing with this problem for a week I reinstalled the old thermostat to keep the AC equipment from being destroyed by the constant power cycling. Nest is aware of the situation and promised they would send a technician out to correct the problem. But empty promises are not what I expect when I spend this much money (and time) on a thermostat that is twice as expensive as any other thermostat. The Nest technical support is friendly and apologetic but they will never follow thru on any promise nor ever return a phone call. If you have newer equipment and don't want to serve as a guinea pig, I recommend waiting until Nest resolves their technical problems along with their personnel problems.

  • Parents of two sons - Relief!

    What a huge relief for my husband and I! Now we don't feel so alone as we face these challenging behaviors! This program has provided a language to help us name AND proactively respond to our children's most inappropriate behaviors. We have tried family therapy, parenting books, pediatricians, consequences, rewards (and more) for 13 years. This program shines far above anything else we have tried in order to effectively parent our very challenging kids. And yes, we are seeing positive changes in their behavior!

  • Jessica - So happy I bought

    So happy I decided to buy this item. I have read very bias reviews about this product but it is really great. It does not leave my hair pin straight like my straightener but that was not what I was expecting. It does not take long to heat up either, but doe get very hot.

  • partygrrrl - The best! Only high chair we use

    I LOVE this. We have been using it since before our daughter could sit unassisted but it works great with the belt buckled to help her sit up. When she was really little (12-14 pounds) we'd use a baby blanket behind and around her to fill up some of the extra space in the chair. She loves sitting at the table like a part of the family. We have taken it to restaurants and it has worked great every time and we've gotten lots of compliments on it. We originally got a Chicco which didn't fit on our table because of the really long arms. Also the Chicco is quite a bit bigger and she was just lost in it. Also looked at the Phil and Ted's version but it is a lot more expensive and won't fit on any table or counter with any sort of "lip" or skirting. This one fits on every table we've ever tried it on. Also we love the machine washable feature! Almost didn't get it because I saw a lot of negative reviews about how hard and time-consuming to mount it on the table it is and this just isn't true. Simple, quick and easy to put on any table and very easily portable. Perfect for our small house and great because there's nothing keeping her away from being right at the table with us. I would buy this again and consider it to be one of the few "must-have's". Totally recommend this to everybody!!

  • Nathan Zbrudzewski - Rate the deck not the price

    I don't know why other reviewers are rating the item low, when the merchants are the ones who deserve a low rating. But people will pay any price if they don't have direct access to it.

  • maclaren48 - Very good product for the price.

    This was a gift to my sister in law and she is very happy with it. She is a heavy user of social apps and media, and she says it is working flawlessly for her. She leaves in Brazil and the phone accepted local providers SIM cards. Considering the price it was a great purchase.

  • Kindle Customer - DONT BUY!!!!!!

    This is a very good idea but very poor execution. I got this for my daughter for Christmas. We opened it to set it up for and what a piece of junk it is. It is very slow and choppy. The lag time alone will make any child become bored with it. It says you get one free download, but the option are very poor and you get to choose from 3 apps. Me and the wife spent 4 hours looking at the different apps in the leap frog App Store. The cheapest one we found was $5. More than 50% of the apps are $25. The apps are the same as the game cartridges you can buy at local store for about $15. You cannot turn off or block the App Store at all. For a 4 year old that was not a great idea. Anytime you transition from one app to another there is a 30 second delay for the thing to load. The graphics are very generic and the sound is horrible. We only had the item for 24 hours before we did return claim to amazon. Thank god amazon has great return policy. People please read the reviews before you buy and you will see they are all the same. I failed to do that and I payed the price. If you don't believe in reviews then go ahead and buy, but I will help you out here... you will need to write this down.