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  • Andy - Unless this is your only chice I'd recommend a separate boiler and hot water delivery system

    Unless this is your only choice I'd consider a separate boiler and hot water delivery system. Mine stopped working around the 4 month mark. I didn't think about the fact that both my heating and hot water were now handled by one device. When it went went down I had a cold house and no hot water. The fix itself was minor and didn't cost me anything. Losing both my heat and hot water wasn't something I considered prior to making the purchase. Now I would have done two separate systems to ensure I had a fail safe. I'd install an on demand boiler for my floors and either a separate hot water tank or a on demand hot water system for my hot potable water.

  • Jaylia - 26 wonderfully written personal essays

    I don't read this collection of essays every year, but each time I do I wonder why I ever skip one. This year there are twenty-six essays from sources as well known as the New Yorker and The Paris Review to sources I had never heard of before including Hotel Amerika and River Teeth. Like everyone, I enjoyed some essays more than others, but most are beautifully written and many are reflective accounts of personal experiences--a favorite genre for me and a nice antidote to the news cycle. Among my favorites are Night by Alice Munro, the recent winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Sometimes a Romantic Notion by Richard Schmitt and Confessions of an Ex-Mormon by Walter Kirn.

  • M. Cloney - Any other dance game is superior

    They really dropped the ball on this one. It should be called Just Simon Says or something along those lines, because the dance moves are so esoteric and impossible to mimic quickly that one quickly becomes frustrated. I'm sure you can turn off the video recording on the Kinect, but it was HORRIFYING to see myself dancing after each song. That's probably more on me for being a despicable dancer, but still. UbiSoft has been slowly going downhill with this series, and with this one I think they've reached rock-bottom. Nowhere to go but up? Maybe. But after buying four other titles in this series I think this is probably my last.

  • Bobby Mays - Don't buy it!

    I was very disappointed the way it cooks. Only a 5" center section gets hot and the rest is cold. I went out and bought a stainless steel cooking pan just for cooking on the NuWave. Sorry I ever bought the NuWave. It was no way near as good as the commercial.