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  • Jason B. Davis - A book fitting for a King!

    Arnie was and is one of my most heroes! This parting gift of a final book was wonderful and one that I could read many times over! Highly recommended! RIP, Arnie!

  • Home Schooling Grandma from SEMO - Risky Product??????

    Prime is an excellent product but I recommend being very careful not to overdose. It says that you can use 5 times the amount if you have high ammonia and/or nitrite. I called the Saechem company to get some advice on my 55 gallon freshwater tank. I was having high nitrite levels and was worried about my fish. I was told by a representative of the company that I could add the large amount of Prime (the 5 times the usual dose) no more than every 48 hours. They also recommended my not doing the water changes unless I felt I really needed too. Although I disagreed with the representative about the water changes (I was doing a 50% water change daily because of high nitrite level) I went ahead and took the advice and did exactly what I was told. That is when I began losing fish. I had several deaths which happened after I added the big doses of Prime. Makes me wonder if the large doses of Prime could be toxic to some fish. I was careful to only add the exact amounts just as the representative advised and not to do a water change. Even with the elevated nitrite levels as long as I was doing a daily 50% water change my fish ate good and acted normally and I had NO deaths. It wasn't until after I stopped doing the daily water changes and added the huge dose of Prime that my fish started dying. I do like this product for making tap water safe with water changes but I will never add the huge doses to my tank again. It's just too risky in my opinion.

  • Tamara L. Kosis - Loved My Purchase!!

    These glasses are breathtakingly gorgeous! So chic and elegant, definitely flashy in a good way! Loved my purchase!

  • Stoney - and I love badass hero's

    I don't need to write what the story is about. You can get that from the other reviews. What I want to say is, WHERE THE HELL IS THE NEXT BOOK ? I'm sick and tired of finding an outstanding story and the next book in the series is not available yet. I want to keep reading this series straight through. Stiger is badass, and I love badass hero's.