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City: -82.5156 Florida, United States

  • Gary MV - These jackets are nice till the waterproofing wears out

    These jackets are nice till the waterproofing wears out. Gortex is your only better option but even then I think these last long enough and by the time they wear out you either lose it or its dirty or torn.

  • P Bilenski - Dissapointed

    Disappointing. One of the reasons I wanted to see this is that I like the Greek myths. This took the romance out of it by trying to make Hercules "real" and not a demigod. Missing were the fantastic

  • westshop - works great!

    I needed this machine to sew neoprene which is thick, This Singer did the job without any problems at all. I thought I would have to leave the pressure foot up because the material is so thick; Nope, not with this work horse. The bobbin is easy to load and I like that I can see it (it's different to load, but easy; read the instruction).

  • SABW - Not too exciting

    At the end, cute set....but some days were not very exciting for an 8 year old girl. She isn't so girly anymore so I opted for this set as it is a little more grown up.....but I think this City set is really geared more for boys. One day she got 4 tires - there were other days like too. Wish it were more of a Christmas theme - as some of the things just don't seem relevant to Christmas at all. Agree with other reviewers - wish the pics of all the stuff inside were not on the box......especially when the child sees a santa which doesn't come out until the last day - makes the 4 tire day a long one!

  • MarleneLouise - Used for years and it works.

    I have used this treatment for the septic tank for years. Have two tanks so usually buy two small boxes. Can never remember to buy it consistently and use it so having this larger box on hand will catch my attention. Now I mark my calendar, go to the box and take care of both tanks. Saves money, too!

  • JATINDER SINGH - Good for beginers Yonex racket

    It's good set for beginers. Light weight and good price for starters with Badminton game. Shuttle cocks could be better.