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  • shanea - WOW!!!

    This stuff really works. im a stripper and i use it for my hands when im dessing at work. it really make my hands dry and my performance is amazing

  • Terra - It works really well!

    I bought this so I could listen to the TV in my bedroom late at night without disturbing the neighbors. I'm a little hard of hearing and the TV sits against the wall, the walls are thin and their bed is right on the other side. My bed is across a pretty long room and so I was faced with a dilemma: if it's loud enough for me to enjoy, it's also loud enough for them to not enjoy.

  • C. Callaway - Excellent printer with good printouts, and very long ink life.

    We run a small youth mentoring non-profit program, and this printer is absolutely perfect for all the printing we do. Ink lasts FOREVER, after owning and using it for at least 5-6 months, the ink tanks are still 75% full, if not more. For our needs, print quality is good. Highly recommend this printer.

  • Nancy Nguyen - Great for pole!

    I love this! We use this at my pole studio and it keeps my hands from slipping off the pole. I have sweaty palms that I can't stop and dry the pole every time it slicks up. Be careful though. Too much and it'll be too dry!

  • Mandy - Looks sweet installed so quick I am very happy with this ...

    Looks sweet installed so quick I am very happy with this purchase as well came a week earlier than estimated!

  • Ken W - Outstanding for washing oriental rugs

    Outstanding for washing oriental rugs (provided you know what you are doing in other respects). Very gentle on the wool, preserving its luster and adding lanolin, but an excellent agent to remove dirt and superficial stains. Of course, with oriental carpet cleaning one must also be careful with color runs from various dyes used in the manufacture of the rugs. But Mane 'n' Tail itself is premier with cleaning rugs.

  • Goatboy - The Long Wait was Worth It !

    Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China (OWTSGC) is thankfully the masterpiece we have all been waiting for. I must admit I can't fathom the flak directed to this seminal work, my best guess is the long wait for this tome has taken its toll on some. I also can't understand why so many reviewers feel that OWTSGC doesn't live up to the earlier books ? It's great we all agree that a Game of Toilet Paper, A Clash of Porcelain Bowls and a Storm of Splinters are classics, and I will concede that a Feast of Faeces did drop the ball in some areas. However I really think Icon Group have redeemed themselves with OWTSGC.