CGP | Center for Genomic Pathology - The Center for Genomic Pathology specializes in training programs in comparative pathology (specialties: Pathology, Comparative Pathology, Genetically Engineered Mice, Mouse Models, Pathobiology, Distance Learning, E-learning, Online Education). We offer online courses in Comparative Pathology via UC Davis Extension program with an emphasis on mouse pathobiology. The online courses are intended for graduate students, research scientists, fellows and pathologists who are seeking training in mouse pathology with an emphasis on genetically engineered models. The courses and the modules are ideal for laboratory staff career development. Two of the offered E-Learning courses received the UPCEA Outstanding Distance Learning Award: Tier 1A (2010) & Tier 1B (2011). Tier 2 is offered to advanced students and principle investigators with organ-specific or special interests. Short course learning modules are available for needs in CE, CME and Career Development. This website also intends to provide information related to genomic pathology.

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    I recently purchased a Sole 35 elliptical trainer. It is well designed and substantially constructed. However, the assembly instructions and customer service are horrible. According to the online assembly instructions webpage, "All SOLE ellipticals are easy to assemble and can be completed with the help of the manual in about 25-35 minutes. " This statement is only true when two experienced people are assembling the machine. It took me 2 hours to unpack the machine and move the various parts 20 feet from my front door to the place in my living room where I will use it. It then took me another 2 hours trying to make enough sense of the instruction manual to mis-assemble the machine. The assembly diagrams are some of the worst and least accurate that I have ever seen. The instructions that accompany the diagrams are also incorrect in many places. The company not only uses "cut and paste" from a variety of documents for their instructions, but they also use a generic console that has connections for cables that don't exist. They include diagrams of holes for bolts that don't exist and they don't include instructions for connecting some cables that do exist. I tried to call for customer service, but no one answers the phone before 9 am MST, after 5 pm MST or on weekends. So I was stuck with an answering machine. I left 2 messages for customer service over 2 days, but apparently customer service to Sole means sales management and the sales manager didn't call back, nor did he direct the call to someone in the company who was responsible for customer service. On the third day, I spoke with a person in the warranty department who explained how the machine is actually put together and who agreed that the manual is a piece of garbage. On the fourth day, my son and I were finally able to assemble the machine in about 35 minutes, but we had the benefit of me spending several hours mis-assembling and dis-assembling it and my telephone conversation with the person in the warranty department. The online assembly instruction also state, "An Allen Wrench is included to assist you and a screwdriver is the only other tool necessary. " This is totally false. There is no Allen Wrench and none is needed. What is needed is a 14 mm socket wrench, a 12 mm and 14 mm open end wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver. The nuts and bolts are nicely blister packed. Overall, I think it is a great machine with lousy assembly instructions and unbelievably bad customer service.