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  • dulcat - Pain relief in a small package

    I originally was ordering these for my mother for her back pain. They worked well to control her back pain. When she passed away there was a box of them in her dresser. I developed arthritis in my thumbs and the pain could be quite horrendous. I cut one Salonpas patch into 2 pieces and wrapped them on my thumb. I wore them all night and the next morning the pain had subsided. I would and have recommended these to my friends and family.

  • Chris Baker - Intuit Needs to Learn from Peachtree

    Even after all the bad reviews my wife and I bit the bullet and tried it out. First problem; Peachtree accounting offers a better trial. After looking at some instructional videos and screen shots we thought Quickbooks would be intuitive but much to our chagrin it wasn't. We went to the help section and that just made it more confusing, we posted our questions online and got no responses. Then it seemed a lot of the options which we thought would be included were greyed out and we find out we have to either upgrade or pay outrageous monthly fees. Shouldn't the software purchase include many of these features especially the so called Pro version?? Luckily we called Amazon and they offered an immediate return.

  • Beer Pongger - It works for me

    After oil pulling with coconut oil first thing in the morning for 6 weeks(but I also brush and floss) my dental hygienist was flabbergasted at how my mouth and teeth had improved. No plaque and my teeth color did not deteriorate since my last visit. My teeth coloring was one major problem I have always had-extra work to whiten but made the dentist richer. Since beginning oil pulling, I only have to go every 6 months instead of 4 months. In the future I will probably go yearly instead now that my mouth is great. Since I will not have dental insurance for long, this little book has become a marvelous money saver too. I have always enjoyed history and Dr. Fife's clear writing of the connection between oral hygiene and the onset of many illnesses is illuminating, and just plain fun!

  • E. Van - Yootech Type C Charger Review

    First of all, let me say that I like the free USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable included with the charger. I also like that the charger itself uses a USB Type-C port instead of a regular USB port because it makes it easier to plug in and out when needed. With those two points out of the way, I have to say that I don't like that it's advertised as Quick Charge 3,0 when it appears it's not. With my older Quick Charge 2.0 charger, I would get a "Connected to fast-charging charger" on my LG G5 to indicate that it is indeed fast charging. With this charger however, I don't get this message on my notifications dropdown and it certainly doesn't charge as fast as my current Quick Charge 2.0 charger. Other than that, it works decently as a charger, but don't expect Quick Charge 3.0 speeds from it.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice case but little protection for screen!

    Perfect fit for my new phone. I am not sure if the screen will be protected against a drop on the face since there is very little indentation. The case is almost flush with the phone, so be sure to get a tempered glass screen protector. If you want to protect your screen from an accidental drop, this is the wrong case. The clear case appearance is very good and all the Iphone 7 buttons are in the correct places to allow proper function. The on off button takes a little work to depress but does work just fine.

  • jeannes - I love these chairs and the price is great!

    These are the most amazing chairs you will ever sit in! They take all the pressure off your back and you feel amazing. So comfy and would highly recommend!

  • reviewer - Get the other volumes first. A great series.

    Great Ghostbusters comic. It stars the characters from the movies and has stuff from the 80s cartoon show hidden in the background.