Free Credits - CS:GO Skins - Your source for all in-game skins - An API that I am working on strictly enforces that a proxy be used in its current implementation, but I hope one day to allow someone to provide their API key in their Javascript files and download API data through a jsonp request. If the motivation behind implementing the API key system is to track server load and hinder API abuse, there is much to be learned from well-established JSON-P providers like Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. Let a user authorise access to private data ie OAuth Currently the only way to get at private data eg current game, blotter history is to either create a dummy steam account and have the user add you as a friend or ask the user for their credentials.

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  • Terrence J. Reardon - The final album by Pink Floyd's classic lineup gets an excellent upgrade

    Pink Floyd's eleventh studio album The Wall was released in December of 1979 and is a classic and regarded as the band's most ambitious masterwork.

  • Optmi - I can only speak for the orogold salon/store in Santa ...

    I can only speak for the orogold salon/store in Santa Barbara. It's a complete scam! You are lured into the store and they massage a peeling into the skin and claims the little balls/granulates or dirt from your skin. This if followed by a moisturizer of which is massaged into the clean arm vs a "dirty" arm, the amount of cream used on each arm is far from the same and they claim the cream only absorbed if the skin has been cleaned first. Don't buy!

  • Rita P. Swift - Omega XL was a great loss physically and too expensive.

    I decided to try Omega XL when I watched a number of commercials with Larry King and individuals involved with Omega XL. I ordered 4 bottles.

  • Johnson - Great gift for a beginner video or picture taker.

    "We bought this mainly for our baby being born in a few weeks and wanted to make sure we could easily use it and understand the settings before he comes. I feel like we definitely got our money's worth. It's also VERY light weight, even lighter than my cell phone.After a great deal of investigation, I chose this one - and I'm glad I did. It's inexpensive, very easy to use, and does exactly what I want from a camcorder.

  • Miranda - This one absolutely blew me away!

    Written in the way of Delirium with romance similar to Vampire Academy, this story will have your heart racing and on the edge of your seat!