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  • About Clinical Research Solutions USA - CRS is a leading Phase I – Phase IV clinical Trials Services Company in Florida, New York, Ohio, and Tennessee. All Investigators and clinical research staff
  • Clinical Trials for Patients and Alternative Medical treatments - CRS provide Clinical Trials for Patients by understanding current medical needs examine affected diseases and provide best in care medical treatment.
  • Clinical Research services for pharmaceutical, nutritional and medical device industries - CRS provide Phase I to IV clinical research services to pharmaceutical, nutritional and medical device industries.
  • clinical Trail Training for Physicians and Staff - Clinical Research Solutions - All Investigators and clinical research staff are provided extensive training that includes GCP, IATA, HIPPA, and CITI to name a few. Continuous training allows
  • Clinical Trials and Research News, from Clinical Research Solutions - CRS provide latest news, updates about clinical Trials and research that help the professionals in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Health care.
  • Contanct Clinicl Research Solutions for your Clinical trial services - Contact CRS for Clinical trial services. Call 615-627-1018 to speak to a Clinical Research Coordinator.We are located accross USS in Tennesse, Ohio and Newyork.
  • What is Clinical Research? - Clinical research is research that directly involves a particular person or group of people, or that uses materials from humans, such as their behavior or
  • Staff at Clinical Research Solutions - We have team of experienced coordinators and Staffs at Clinical Reasearch Solutions to provide best trail services.

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    Trouble seems to follow Harper MacLain wherever she goes. Her overly trusting personality and trying everything to protect those she loves has landed her in a whole heap of trouble. Thrust into her ex-boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan's case. She fights the temptation to fall back into bad habits… and his bed.