Crossfit Evolve Fort Collins, CO | Northern Colorado - Crossfit Evolve on South Mason in Fort Collins. Solid programming, coaches and friendly atmosphere. At Crossfit Evolve, you're family.

  • How to get started at Crossfit Evolve in Fort Collins, CO - Come in for a visit or give us a call. We want to show you our gym, explain what we do and how we do it, and hear what your goals and expectations are.
  • Pricing and Schedule - CrossFit Evolve - Need to know when to show up for your next WOD? Here's Crossfit Evolve's Weekly Schedule. Crossfit in Fort Collins, CO.
  • Programs at Crossfit Evolve in Fort Collins, Colorado - We offer a lot of interaction to help you reach your goals. We'd love to have you as part of our community.
  • Crossfit Evolve | Kids: CrossFit Kids (Ages 5-10) - Objective is fun and mechanics, and the programming is based on CrossFit’s 10 general skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance.
  • Crossfit Evolve Kids: Pre-Teens/Teens (Ages 10-15) - The programming is based on CrossFit's 10 general skills; cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance.
  • CrossFit Evolve Kids: Who We Are - Stine Pinilla and Kendra Vair --- Our goal is to help kids and teens develop the skills and confidence to create a future built on lifelong fitness.
  • Visiting Crossfit Evolve from another affiliate? Great! - If you are planning on dropping in for a week or more let us know and will work with you depending on how frequently you will be attending classes.

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  • jorge - I wanna set it on fire.

    Horrible taxture.plastic wavy all the way across. Dont even think about painting it. I would pay 40 $ for it .so disappointed

  • Calvin M. Foster - Five Stars

    Good value. Assembly instructions need improvement but the parts were all there. Works as advertised.

  • Squishie - Extra Is Better.

    I've been a regular user of Breathe Right strips for years. When I tried these, I was impressed. There was a noticeable difference between these and the other strips I'd been using (small tan). I don't intend to go back to regular Breathe Right strips. However, I use them primarily for sleep. They're rather wide, so if you use them in public (for workouts, etc.), you may find them to be too unsightly. Also, they say they're one size fits all. I had no problem with the size (obviously), but I can't speak for how they'll fit others (they are a little longer than Breathe Rights smalls). I definitely recommend trying them.

  • Edwin Santana - Could have been great if it actually worked!

    Its funny. The samplitude pro demo program that retails for $700+ works perfectly fine and is made by the same company. Music maker can barely run for 5 minutes without crashing! The program is so feature rich and I would love to use it as my main DAW but it is unreliable at best. My computer is a full xeon class workstation with 32gb ram and quadro graphics and dedicated sound. The program has no reason to crash and glitch and fail to load audio or recordings. Its like they purposely crippled music maker to push their higher end products. Do yourself a favor and don't waste money like I did on this junk program. It has potential but should have never been released in this buggy state. I've tried it on 3 other computers with the same results. It doesn't matter if its on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or vista. The program will glitch and will crash especially after recording something great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • fontaniniangel - Works like Wen, but makes my hair heavy and greasy

    I have thin, oily hair, color treated, a bit dry at the ends, and length past my shoulders. I decided to try Hair One after falling in love with Wen sweet almond mint. I have tried all but one (olive oil) of the formulations of Hair One. This particular one, for color treated hair, doesn't seem to get my hair CLEAN of it's own oils. It conditions my hair great, but it doesn't seem to rinse out completely. I follow the directions exactly with the many pumps, the comb, the rinsing, the cool water. After my hair has dried, it looks a bit greasy and weighed down and by day 2 I am a grunge rocker! However, if I use this Hair One as a conditioner after using a regular shampoo, my hair feels really nice, soft and bouncy. It might be worth a try for you, but for my hair type it's too heavy.