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  • E. Rowe - Gone gone gone...

    Like others, the little puck fell right out of the rubber band strap. It lasted 48 hours. They need to come up with some way to track the thing if it gets lost (it has bluetooth after all), and make the mounting a bit more secure before it's going to be worth buying.

  • michael - Better than expected

    I wasn't expecting much, esp at this price. But these are awesome. They throw off more light than my d cell coleman. Great buy. Will update if something happens

  • patricia m. casey - Didn't do as advertised

    Got rid of stain & I couldn't smell anything. But after using it the only spot on the carpet my chihuahua would use to wet on was the spot I'd cleaned w/Nature's mis. Stain & Odor Remover. I used as directed then reapplied. It became her calling card "here's the ladies room", My friend had similar results w/ a min pin. DO NOT RECOMMEND

  • Justbereal - Promoters are FAT, how do they claim "it works"?

    I have a lot of friends who sell this and I have one question... And I'm worried about asking my friends who sell this stuff for fear of offending them... Here is my question: to all my friends who sell this weight loss and body toning bru-haw, why are you all FAT?