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  • dpeagle - initial impressions Cyberpower brg1500avrlcd

    before i get to the actual product, i want to mention that amazon did a terrible job of packaging this 25lb product. the box had one piece of tape on it and was broke open on arrival. the manufacturer packaging however was not damaged and their packaging of the product is excellent. now to my initial impressions of the cyberpower brg1500avrlcd. setup is a breeze. make sure to plug the supplied usb cable from the brg1500 to your computer and go to the cyberpower website to download the monitoring software. the build quality is excellent for a product with all these features at this price point. although i have not yet killed power to the unit to test the duration of the extended run time after a power failure, the software is showing 74 minutes(based on the current load). my guess is that in reality i might get 15 to 20 minutes to finish what i am doing or just let the unit save my work and shut itself down. there are lots of connections for your equipment although the spacing of most of the outlets are too close together if you need to plug those large plug connectors from certain electronic devices. be aware that only 6 of the 12 connections support battery back up. the other 6 just support power filtering and regulation. the display is useful and easy to read even from a distance. for under $160usd this purchase is a no brainer if you need a ups/ power conditioner.

  • Nadya - Nice and easy to read and understand study prep book for the ASVAB test!

    This is a really great study prep book to use when you are studying for the ASVAB test, to get into the military. It's really a smart thing to do to prepare for this exam, especially if you have been out of school for a while. I got a high score on this test and it really gives you great options when picking your job in the military. The higher score you get, the more job options you have. I do think that it included everything that you need to know when studying for the exam. The practice questions were great and help you to get some practice in on questions that are very similar to ones that will be on the exam. I like that the answers themselves included explanations, so you understand why the answer was right or wrong. The topics seemed well organized as well in this prep book, and the formatting and subject knowledge are great as well. I like that there is a review section in the beginning that explains things that you may already know, but it's nice to have a quick review so that you become familiar with these topics again. All in all, a nice prep book to get you ready to take the current ASVAB. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Scion Selfie - Not a bad phone

    I'm a deployed soldier. I left my Galaxy Note 2 home because I didn't want to risk losing it and bought this phone locally. It's not a bad device at all. It works just as good as any mid-range android device. I must say the weakest point is the battery life and the touch screen is not the most responsive.. Beyond that, I'm able to watch netflix, hulu, youtube, get all of other apps working with no problem.

  • sheema - Yasss nicole yasssss!!!

    Dang where do I start...I couldn't put this booked down for nothing. Team wale lol . him and key was crazy but real I loved that about them. And truly understand loving that person you just can't let go . this is a banger!!!