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  • Lucie - Improved my pumping volume at work

    I've had great results with these. I was making a surplus of milk, but when Baby started sleeping through the night at 5mo, my supply decreased over the next few weeks (only based on what I pump at work). When it got to the point where I was pumping at work the exact amount I needed for the next day of day care, I started taking More Milk Plus. Now I'm pumping 2 ounces extra each day of work (nursing is still the same and has never been a problem). Definitely worth the peace of mind to me! I take as directed - 4/day.

  • B. Foster - Not happy!

    So sorry I bought this because it was a waste of money! Does not remove the hair on my legs at all, which is why I primarily bought it. Some times it doesn't even come on. I'm following the instructions which I have read, and re-read. I charge it all the time, so it's not because it needs a charge. Just think it was truly a waste of money!

  • Matthew Crepas - Goes Away In a Months Time.

    I would give it no stars if I could. I used wipe new on my jeep wrangler's fender flares. At first the product seems to work pretty well, but give it a month tops before you're scratching your head wondering where those black fenders went. My fenders went right back to grey and after looking around and seeing what other jeep owners are doing, I'm going to do what I should have at first, paint the dumb things. Needless to say, don't waste your money on a product that won't last long at all. In fact, like everyone is saying, the bottle you get in a package may not be enough for your car. Wipe new is NOT a product I recommend.