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  • Bob H. Grant - Hmm...these little strips actually work!!

    So, for the longest time I denied that I snore while sleeping. Proven wrong when my wife recorded me one night. Geez, sounded like an oncoming freight train. Was looking for something that would help and came across these strips. Skeptical that these little things would bring my freight train snoring to a full stop but after using it the first week, my wife says it's been very quiet. On nights where I come home a bit exhausted, she says I'll snore here & there for about a second. Two seconds tops and then all goes quiet. I have to say that these have turned out to be just what I needed. Works well if you have a Deviated Septum. If you've ever used band-aid strips, applying these nasal strips will be very familiar. Make sure you wipe the nose area of any natural oils first or your nasal strips won't stick properly. In the morning you gently remove them. You can wet it if you need to or you can jump in the shower and it will come off easier that way. Try a small pack of 26 strips and see if you like them. I order 100 strips at a time now because I'm using the strips nearly every night.

  • smile be happy - A Choice Plate For Everyone

    This is a good paper plate . Its best quality is its thickness and strength. It's not necessary to use 2 or 3 of the flimsy thin plates that all too often become dinner for your delighted pet! Also if you're not a fan of clean-up time, this is the product to buy. Lastly, at 8.5 inches in diameter it also helps in portion control. (particularly for those of us who think that the plate has to be filled to the maximum ).Thanks, Steve G.

  • Angelina Haqll - Diet Pill

    It works! Easy to follow, very impressed with the product would like to see maybe a little cheaper arrived on time

  • Marisol Martir - I have new growth and I'm overall happy with this product

    It just works. My hair was thinning and I was loosing it by the handful and now although I still loose some hair when I wash it, it has started to get thicker, I have new growth and I'm overall happy with this product, enough to write a review and buy a second bottle of HairTru

  • Evy J - Nicely done overall

    This book was surprisingly good, very detailed and great illustration. A little unnecessary to have "tap or click" on nearly every single instructional point, and the long-winded summaries before the actual tutorials are also fairly unnecessary, but otherwise recommended.

  • Energel - Finally, a product that works!

    Rather spendy, but would rather spend more for a product that truly works. Have used many other brands, from inexpensive to high end eye creams. They all ended up in the garbage! I'm turning 70 years old & have wrinkling on my eyelid (I sleep on my side). Also some sagging. Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream really smooths this out as well as lifts! I will definitely reorder this product. Don't want to run out! Give it a try. Don't think you'll be disappointed!