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  • Allan Ray Miller - Takes out mosquitoes and other pests too

    IF placed properly the SkeeterVac (and associated TacTrap) works very well. (The SkeeterVac needs to be upwind and uphill so that the CO2 flows across the area you want to protect and away from you. Otherwise it won't work properly and your catch rate will be low.)

  • Raynee Branch - Smells soft and sweet! This is my favorite blend of Lavender oil.

    I ordered the Pure Body Nauturals Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil as it is my absolute favorite blend of lavender. I just started getting into essential oils in the last few months and never knew there were different blends of lavender until recently. I just thought lavender was lavender. Recently I ordered a lavender not knowing it was a Kashmir blend until I got it home and smelled it. I fell in love and noticed right away it had a much softer scent than original lavender. It has a sweet scent to it which I have always been a fan of sweeter type perfumes. That has me on a mission to try different brands of Kashmir Lavender and find a favorite.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like the IdealBoost

    I really like the IdealBoost, Weight Loss Drink. I am an avid runner and cyclist but the few inches that I have had to lose, they are gone due to sticking to my daily exercise regimen, healthy eating and this drink. This drink mix has no weird taste. I put the mix in my water bottle which I keep in the refrigerator and it tastes great! It prevents me from snacking. Which after a hard work out, it helps me stay on track. This product works. You do need to stick to healthy way of life, like anything, but it works. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Bill Oakes - GREAT for blackened chicken!

    This stuff is THE BOM! We use this on chicken (I'm sure it has other great uses too, but we're simple folk...we find something that's fantastic, we stick with it). Simply coating both sides of a flattened chicken breast, then cooking on the stovetop makes for an awesome meal. We make extra because as a chicken sandwich the next day, it's even better.

  • ryan - Slush mats!

    Great product, I needed these things really bad, because of the crappy weather in Misery and not a moment to soon, it started snowing as soon as put them in!