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  • Tami Fedewa - Makes you Itch

    So I have been using this product for about 3 months when I noticed that my neck started itching really bad and the skin under my chin actually feels dead. My husband said that I have mild bumps he can see also. I am throwing it away. I have seen no changes in firmness anyway. Nasty nasty smell. Thank god I got it for around $60 but it was still a waste of money. I lost 25 lbs and my neck had firmed on its own with a low carb high fat diet. Simple with no exercise ladies. Just sayin.....

  • T. Wolf - Avoid this product!

    This product caused my dog to become very sick. After one day of use, she was vomiting, not eating (which has never happened before), extremely tired, trying to hide, not acting like herself at all. She is a mid sized (40 lb) 1 year old dog who is extremely healthy. The research I have found online shows similar symptoms from others who have tried this product.

  • CaliKoko - Good Quality and High Visibility

    Two things I was looking for in a new bike helmet for my road riding - good quality (lots of vents, good construction, quality components) and high visibility while on the roads. This helmet delivers. I would only recommend taking the time to get the chin strap adjusted and the extra pads installed before you set out on your first ride. I did spend some time tugging at the straps while riding and ended up with a major forehead mark but have since gotten the helmet set up perfectly with the pads in place for more cushioning. It is pricey, but is a very good helmet.

  • Older Parent - Things got Better at Our House

    I have a bachelor's in Child development and did graduate work in Marriage and Family Counseling. I thought the program was well thought out, presented well, and I learned several things. Best of all, my husband who has not had this training learned a lot and I think we are much more on the same page now for child raising. He could see from a third party that there were better ways to address some of the issues we had.

  • Angel Foster - ... suppliment pair with plenty of water drinking is working great to help me shead the pounds away

    This suppliment pair with plenty of water drinking is working great to help me shead the pounds away. I love seeing the pounds go down on my scale, even when I can't go exercise and be active to get them to go down. With the help of this suppliment and lots of fresh water I am losing the extra weight. It isn't melting away at a fast pace but any lose is good to me. I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required or influenced by the seller to leave positive comments in the reviews. I put the item to use as it is intended and then provide an honest review. I give feedback to the best of my ability.