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  • Saltair - Does the job

    I have a 15.6" laptop and given the size of this dual fan cooling pad of 10" x 13-3/8" I can't see it being suitable for much bigger, as it is, there is about 1" overhang on each side when centered, I needed something to assist cooling while using the computer on my lap which is 97% of the time. It just gets uncomfortably hot and noisy from the fan running full blast trying to keep up. I use this cooling pad in a backwards kinda way, with the flip up pegs at the rear so it doesn't slide off. The fan output doesn't seem like much but it works and is quiet. I do like that the USB cord has a pass through so other devices can still use the port also.

  • BillG - A life long lesson in successful investing!

    Warren's letters provide great insight into the development and philosophy of his and Charlie Munger's investment style. No ghost or staff writer's here; just pure Warren. Great stuff and a good primer to a winning approach to investing - i.e. buy good companies with outstanding managers to hold forever.

  • Jeffrey R Lewis - This release was very unreliable and I never should have upgraded.

    I often wonder why I pay for year over year upgrades when so little features are offered that interest me (if any). There were two additions for 2014 that I could even note and one addressed a major flaw in the 2013 version. You can now sync to the Quicken Cloud on the scheduled updates with the 2014 version ... or at least I thought you could. You see, the 2013 version would update to your accounts plus the Cloud when you ran the One Step update manually. The scheduled updates would cover your accounts but mysteriously omitted the Cloud options. That is a gross omission and it almost seemed Intuit went out of their way to not allow this like they took the time to remove the checkbox on the other setting screen. 2014 promised to allow scheduling of the Cloud update but ... wait for it ... the software came with bugs right out of the gate. Not only did the Cloud update not work, but the entire process was broken and would never work for scheduled updates. I could run updates manually, but that is not the point. I contacted support several times about this and they were more concerned about getting me offline and "wait" to see what happens. The last contact told me that there was nothing they could do and there was something wrong with my Windows installation. I researched the issue on the public Quicken forums and BINGO this was a prevalent issue that many customers were complaining about. The common response was "wait for R3". So it appears that Intuit could not even fix this in their 2nd release. I have never really cared for Quicken as a former Microsoft Money user as Quicken always seemed out of date and felt like a 10 year old interface. Bugs are common and Quicken has been one major disappointment after another. I would be ecstatic to move on to another money management program if there were any competition.