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  • Yvonne in Pennsylvania - Just another scam.

    Look, the only way you would lose weight taking these pills is if you follow the diet in the accompanying book. If following the diet were the easy part then we would all be skinny.

  • Diane Young - 2012 Writer's Market

    The Writer's Market is like a toothbrush--there's no substitute! The first thing I learned from this year's issue is how

  • Bronson - Great value SSD. crappy cloning software

    it works great. to all the people who are having trouble, dont use the acronis code that comes with it to clone your drive. the drive is great but the software they recommend is garbage. I used Macrium (which is free) to clone windows over to this ssd and it worked perfectly. I set it as my boot drive and my laptop boots up in literally 8 seconds. You should definitely get this because its cheaper than the samsung drives on amazon.

  • gavii2000 - Do not buy it!

    This should be not on the shelfs in any store. I wasted 2 hours of my life. Landed in the trash. I wish i read these reviews first.

  • Jessie Sprinkle - Pet of the year

    I've always wanted a pet unicorn, and now I finally got one. This is a very low maintenance pet, breath life into it just once and it will love you forever. I was unaware of unicorn buoyancy prior to receiving this, and I am very happy with how well he keeps us both afloat on the waters of life. He is a great addition to my life and I'm proud to call this majestic creature mine.

  • Altaf U. Mohammed - Expenive

    this price on the product is very expensive should be atleast 50lesser than what they sold it too me .