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  • Jinx1 - I ABSOLUTELY loved this book!

    I ABSOLUTELY loved this book! I couldn't get enough and please tell me there will be another..... This had a great back story to help you get to know the characters and develop feelings for them. I have read so many lately that have no back story and they just jump right into the sex but this book had it all. If you haven't bought this already what are you waiting for? It has love, lust, mystery, murder, it was so good I read it in one day I just could not put it down. I voluntarily read this book and this is my honest ARC review.

  • P. J. WERNER - Sole F63

    Machine works really well. The tread part does seem to take awhile to get up to speed; especially if you are on the heavy side. It does get there in about 10 seconds. The machine is capable of handling someone of large size. Just note that the machine is very heavy and they do not deliver it inside if you have steps. You will need at least 2 people; 3 is better to carry it in. It is about 350 pounds and the front end carries most of the weight. Although it isn't too difficult to put together, it is helpful to have 2 people to put it together. Recommend getting the matt for underneath.

  • Xteach - Good product for colored hair

    Heard this was a great product for toning down blonde color. It works and leaves hair less brassy looking

  • G. Gabriele - Very disappointed

    My wife is a 55 year old 110 pound active, athletic person. She sustained a fracture of her foot that required no weight bearing on the foot. The I Walk arrived. Assembly was easy. We followed the instructions to the letter for fitting, and getting used to the device. My wife found it impossible to walk across the room let alone for long distances as detailed in the ads. She almost fell twice (that would have been a real disaster). I thought she was nuts and adjusted it to my height etc. I also found it extremely awkward to walk a short distance let alone. $150.00 badly spent and NO RETURNS!!! One star rating is actually too high.

  • Bryson - bought this

    I finally got this in and I set it up for my son and myself and it works but it doesn't toss the ball high at all. watch the video and adjusted like it said but no luck. maybe i just gotta buy lighter baseballs.......

  • alwayshappy - will i never learn??

    will my quest for the magic bullet ever cease? i guess not, because i continue to be a sucker for these types of pills. after reading a good review in first for women magazine, i ordered two bottles. i have taken it religiously 3x day with meals, and nada. zero. zip. zilch. nothing. sigh....

  • MYShell - All Natural ingredients!!!

    I have tried EVERYTHING, WW.. Sensa.. SlimFast.. Nutrisystem... all of it.. nothing like this! I am FULL for a FULL 4 hours. I Prefer the taste. I did have a headache during the fasting, but your body is in a full cleanse. I did experience some hormonal in fluctuations at first, I attribute them to the Soy in the product and the Soy in the Soy milk I was mixing it with. PMS symptoms mostly. The weight is slowly coming of after the initial 8lbs by day 6, but my energy went through the roof. I am sleeping better, and just all around healthier feeling. It is important to move, you are limiting your calories, so your body will store if you dont move. But you will not loose muscle. Got to the website and join the forums, they are very helpful too. It is like most products, it does work if you use it properly. But you cant expect miracles. I prefer this because it makes me full, I do not crave sweets anymore, and it is all natural