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  • Girly Girl - Nice to find a moisturizer than is just a moisturizer

    Nice to find a moisturizer than is just a moisturizer, instead of all kinds of other ingredients that make my skin peel. So, in my case, this is a perfect moisturizer. It also rates high on Paula's Choice website.

  • Camie Lyon - I've been drinking this daily for a month with no ...

    I've been drinking this daily for a month with no results, my joint pain even worsened as I informed them. Although they informed me that sometimes it takes several months to see results (beyond the 30 days, of course), I am returning the remaining cans but being stiffed with the rather expensive return postage.

  • Thurm - Amplify that Signal and Make Your Day

    I read a lot of reviews about this. Here was my problem- Have cable and had ongoing issues with my provider. Put up a Hi-def antenna in the attic and get enough stations to keep me very happy. But I needed a better device for recording, so I picked Romeo/Tivo service. Running wireless and my upper rooms in house have only been able to receive Network connection speeds less than 55% measured by Tivo. I needed a very good amplifier to help enhance the signal. Bought Securifi Almond 15 Friday, received it Sat, but was having problems. Called tech support this afternoon, and the person walked me through everything I needed to do to improve my set-up. Had to load new software via my PC and wirelessly send to Almond- worked perfectly. Their web site and FAQs are excellent. And this Rep was able to completely impress me with his knowledge-level, and when all was done, my signal on Tivo went from 52-90%. I am back in business thanks to the Almond. They are an excellent Company- customer focused, and I am very glad I made this purchase.

  • ViAmber - Just Okay

    I was expecting more from this product since I love the moisturizer cream. The smell is very strong and having to use a wash cloth to rinse your face is very cumbersome. I want to just be able to splash the product off.