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  • Jean Moore - Better than Prescriptions or Sleeping Pills.

    I use this product whenever I am under stress to calm my nerves & to help me to handle whatever I must. There are no side effects or complications from using it as often as necessary ~ not like prescription drugs.. I take one capsule every night before going to bed because I have neuropathy in my legs & it allows me to have a good night's sleep with no drowsiness in the morning. I recommend using this product as a relaxant ~ especially for those suffering from Restless Legg Syndrome or Neuropathy, or whenever stress seems more than you can handle. I have been using this product for 30 years or more & am very happy with the results. There is a difference in brands, but this brand is my choice for quality & results.

  • tcsfo - Waste of money

    In a fit of stupidity I bought this thinking it might do something. It doesn't. The unit lights up but when you try to raise the intensity it shuts down again. I tried replacing the battery, repositioning it, etc. but nothing worked. This is a cheap, poorly made product.

  • chris - Best,other than bitdefender . if your having problems with safemoney please read what i typed. did this fixed it with no problem

    Have tried the trial buying it now. so far it works well, fast scans and alot of settings compared to mcafee. safe money works but there is a trick to getting it to work with firefox. dont install kasperskys certificate under additional , network, "encrypted connection scanning" advanced settings, if you did save settings then reinstall and dont install it. it causes issues with firefox. then type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox then under the url bar type xpinstall.signatures.required double-click the preference, or right-click and selected "Toggle", to set it to false. close it out. (might have to do this in the protected browser to. ) bring up the both, protected and not protected and enable the addon for kaspersky, . boom , no more problems. its a issue with firefox secure addons they dont want to sign kaspersky so you have no choice but to do this. doesnt hurt anything just stressful. try this and commodo with malwarebytes anti malware, anti exploit, and microsoft emet, and emsisoft. yes they all are running fine together, and no more worries about anything. it covers bitdefender, kaspersky and commodo virus definitions all at once :).

  • Bico - Nice Idea but the Reading are Inaccurate

    Nice idea but not accurate or consistent in readings. I purchased this meter because I liked the idea of automatically adding readings to my phone. After taking a number of reading with this meters and two others for comparison, I end up throwing the meter and strips away. Roughly 60 to 70% were reasonable, 10-20% were completely unreasonable (readings in the low double digits or about 400), but remainder were reading that were off by 50-100. The second reason I can't recommend this meter is that when taking a second reading after the not obviously off readings I would get drastically different results sometimes going from high to low but still not accurate. The strips are reasonable priced but if you have to use 2-3 each time to be confident in the reading that cost savings goes away.

  • Joe D - Don't purchase Kaplan

    We have purchased Kaplan and Princeton Review for my daughters 10th grade PSAT. We will do Barrons for 11th grade. We purchased all 3 just to figure out which would be a better SAT book down the road.

  • D. Birney - It is what it is, LUCAS!

    I personally swear by Lucas oil treatment and use it every oil change in my 2007 Kia Spectra 4 cylinder engine. I plan to start doing the transmission also soon. I have used this in the motor now for about 2 years and I must say, it makes a noticeable difference in motor quietness and pep as well. I recommend using this in all your items with an engine, lawnmower, tractor, power washer, etc. A police officer came to jump start my wife when her battery died once, after the motor had started, he asked her to start the engine and she replied "it is started", he could not believe how quiet the motor was and said touch the gas to her as he didn't believe the motor was even running!. He was shocked when it idled up and said "damn" thats a quiet engine!. Thanks Lucas for a good product. And yes, I replaced the battery for the boss lady, LOL....