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  • Amazon Customer - High Quality!

    Extremely high quality! This product is really a premium walking and trekking stick as it did wonders for my parents. They previously were using snow shoeing polls instead of this and could not stop complimenting this product and how effective it was. One of the best features is that it is extendable so it can be adjusted for people of all heights, making it useful for kids or adults who like to hike or walk on rough surfaces. The product came with no damage and the packaging was sufficient enough to prevent damage to the product. I was extremely satisfied and would recommend this to anyone looking for a walking stick!

  • dcart609 - Excellent quality. Overpriced.

    This gas cap cover was excellent quality as should be expected since it was an original Mopar product. However I would probably opt for one of cheaper copies next time, most are less than half the price and the quality seems just as good. The only reason I bought the Mopar is that I have new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and wanted to stick with Mopar stuff. Next time I'd go the cheaper route. Be sure to get the gas cap cover for the 4 door model as it's different from the 2 door model.

  • Carlos Mendez - When your skin needs a boost

    This mask is AMAZING! I have tried quite a few sheet masks but I have never had results like this before. The mask fits nicely on my face and doesn't slide off which is a plus! After wearing it for about 25 mins I took it off and looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize my own skin! My face was so glowy and bright, it looked like I was radiating light! These were of course just the immediate effects and they did wear off but it left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. I highly recommend these masks to anyone looking to get a boost of hydration and brightness to their skin.