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  • TommyTsunami88 - Bad Reception But Hey It Looks Good

    This is an awesome antenna and honestly it doesn't get half bad reception around my area. However it does suffer with reception the further you go from your radio station's epicenter. But if you are looking for a great clean look and/or use an iPod most of the time don't hesitate to get this.

  • RBMunkin - Absurd price for what you get, but...

    One reviewer said "The price point is quite high, sure, but it's simply asinine to rate a product based on that." Personally, I think THAT is asinine. But to each their own. Price is an inherent part of a product.

  • bookworm - ... four stars arrived in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Packaging was very good

    All four stars arrived in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Packaging was very good. Thank you!

  • Cape Cod - Fire Damage - smoke & soot

    We experienced a devastating house fire. Fire raged through one end of the house, heavy smoke and soot found its way in every nook and cranny. 1400 degree heat melted light fixtures, boiled food in the refrigerator. We had extensive pieces of china (Spode, Wedgewood, Herend), ceramics, glass, crystal (Waterford, Baccarat, Yeoward), kitchen ware - some exposed, some in cabinets. The insurance company sent a "service" out the day of the fire. They took 'samples' to see what could be salvaged. When they returned 5 days later, they were prepared to start packing and removing the remaining household items, declaring items were too labor intensive to save. Meanwhile, I went into high gear, filled a couple of plastic bins with similar items and started experimenting with several products at an off site garage sink. Krud Kutter was a name that came up on a fireman's wife's blog. I quickly discovered soot and smoke doesn't rinse off, nor does it wash off easily. I bought the Krud Cutter in the 32oz spray bottle. Using a degreaser dish washing liquid for the first clean and old terry washcloths (sponges and brushes weren't effective), I discovered that Krud Kutter cut through and literally melted off residue in cracks, crevices, corners, etc. I rinsed everything well and dried it, packing it in non print newspaper and plastic bins. I had Herend china with gold leaf on an open hutch totally covered with soot and smoke, even looking scorched. I cleaned 60 some pieces in 3 hours with Krud Kutter and it looked brand new. The 'service' said it took them 3 hours on a coffee pot and they managed to rub off and remove all the gold leaf. I then checked with my local fire department whether Krud Kutter would be safe in our septic system and got the go ahead. A real plus that it is biodegradable, non toxic, and was gentle on my hands (which were taking a real beating!)

  • Madhavi - No no

    never buy clothes from this app. I ordered for a top ,large size. I waited for two weeks to receive it and when I received it it had a large size tag on it but it was small size top which measured 36 inches , also the material was not at all like what it looked like in the photo. I have asked for a refund and they replied back immediately saying they will refund it soon. I was going to give only one star but just for the sake that they replied back I am give another star.