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  • Divs - useful and comfortable

    love love love LOVE the inglesina fast table chair! i bought this product after researching several travel high chairs and finally settled on this one. i am not disappointed at all! here's why i preferred the inglesina high chair over the others that i looked at:

  • KAAREN NELSEN - Buyer Beware

    When we first got PC Matic and set it to clean the computers a couple of times a week, it seemed to work just fine. We renewed for the second year. Then our programs started to crash. Files wouldn't open. When we contacted PCMatic, they put our request in a cue as a high priority, then cleared the file as resolved a few days later. This went on for several months. By then, the computers were so full of malware, Trojan horses and other viruses, I has to send them our to be scrubbed. It took two cycles to find all the problems in the computers. Then PC Matic started their renewal campaign. I would say Why would I renew, it doesn't work. High priority in cue, marked resolved in 2 days with nothing happening. By that time they said we had 5 computers and wanted to upgrade our account.

  • Jonathan E. - Say goodbye to the dentist? Revolutionise your dental hygiene...

    This review is in two parts. The brief version at the top is for people who want a very quick overview, and the longer version is for people who love to read and learn as much as the can someone else's experience of a product. In the longer version I will share numerous tips on how to get the most out of your Waterpik and from your dental routine in general.