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  • Paige Curry - trucks!

    This was a Christmas gift for the grand baby, he seems happy with it! It keeps him entertained for quite a while.

  • Patti Buhler - Plan that works

    I figured out my body type from the information in the book and did the appropriate exercises. The exercises are not hard and are not very time consuming. I have several posteral issues that I've had all my life. After a couple of weeks I could feel that my body had changed - not that I lost weight, but that things were in different places. Later I noticed more changes. It's really helped with my postural issues - something no other exercise program had done. I'd recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - I like this product because it's helped me to tapper down ...

    I like this product because it's helped me to tapper down on amount of celexa I've been taking. Note: Each person different, do research & adjust accordingly. I have only been on celexa. No other meds for depression. So far so good!

  • Amazon Customer - Beware

    The introductory price is simply a "trial" use with very expensive billing to follow. Contacting customer service is a nightmare. Be ready to have at least 30 minutes of your time available to hold before anyone helps you. Charges are billed automatically without further aurthoization. You can cancel but even this is a difficult task.

  • Herbert - Good Quality/Comfortable/Fashionable

    The Timbuk2 Wingman suitcase looks good: the colors are good (red and grey) the size is good (not too small and not too big), and the entire design is functional. I was looking for a medium carry on suitcase/backpack which has easy storage and tuckaway straps, and Amazon was able to provide it. At first, I wanted to buy it online at the REI store, but I was asked to pay $150. Thanks for your much lower, competitive price....

  • Garner - Awesome Product!

    This is a great “Game,” “Tool,” or “Practice” device. It has something for everyone who is interested in playing a Guitar. If you never touched a guitar you can start with the “Lessons” that show you how to hold the guitar, how to attach the strap, tune it, etc.. If you have played but are’t that good you can jump into “Learn a Song” & start practicing. If you are experienced you can play along just like you had a band with you or go to “Session Mode” and create your own band. My only complaint is that they have confusing navigation. The first time I turned it on it took me at least 10 minutes to figure out how to shut it off. Working through the menus takes some figuring out too. It’s worth it though. It’s one of the best things I have bought! I even got one for a friend and we get together with his teenage kids and have something interesting to connect the generations while actually learning something.

  • OVMom - perfect for busy working moms

    I'm not a teacher, but I'm a busy professional with three kids. I adore this planner because I can choose categories and assign or track tasks to each day of the week, such as "errands", "kids", as well as various categories of tasks from the office. With 9 categories, I can cover just about anything and everything that comes up.