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  • MVMBuyer - The Yosh floats and keeps out water. It is ...

    The Yosh floats and keeps out water. It is big enough for a smartphone with a case, and with a little room left over for a credit card or two. I can operate the phone through the case, but I have to press harder than without the case. Pictures can also be taken through the case. It is a little difficult to get to the buttons on the sides of the phone, but overall the Yosh gets 5 stars.

  • TammyGermanGirl - So much fun! Such a great workout!!!

    I couple years ago I bought a "Just Dance" game and a "Dance Central" Game.......and Just Dance is definitely the winner!!! So much more fun than Dance Central. And because I really enjoy this game...I recently bought three more "Just Dance" games...this being one of them!

  • 1parkerd - If we all were nice to one grumpy person

    I think we should all try the kindness aspect of this book. If we all were nice to one grumpy person, and it made them happy, think how much nicer the world would be. This was another great book by Debbie. She is one of my favorites, and I always try to read her books. This one is light reading and great for this time of year. Try it.

  • miamicouponqueen - Great silent diffuser you can use with your favorite oil and great ambient lighting too!

    I was skeptical and curious enough to buy this diffuser but I am so glad I did. I absolutely love this contraption. The actual benefit of the diffusion of the aromas is great! I can use any of my essential oils and it helps permeate the room with it. As an added bonus the lights on the unit make it that much better, adding to the ambiance created by the scent. The best thing is that it is completely silent. Lots of the room scent diffuser I had purchased in the past would scare the heck out of me if I happen to get too close as they would make noise as they dispersed the scent into the air - this one makes no noise!

  • Amazon Customer - Just say NO to DRM

    When are the software and music recording companies going to start treating consumers with respect, and not like criminals? We've been excited about this game for over a year, and went to Amazon today (release day) ready to buy, but there is NO WAY we're going to support this further erosion of our rights. $50 and we don't even own the game? Plus unwanted rootkit software? No thanks, EA.

  • R. Blessing - Should of saved my company the cost.

    I figured I'd upgrade my copy of Office 2007 to this to provide support to the people that will be getting the newer version but I am starting to regret the upgrade. Hey Microsoft, a little color and graphics in an interface is a good thing not a bad thing. Since I use Outlook the most I'll address this mainly at that program but all the programs are similar. I will admit there are some things that I like about the new versions but it's new interface design is hard on the eyes. Subtract all graphics and color that might of provided easier viewing or clues to what you are looking at and imagine what is basically a monochrome, flat, featureless interface that consists mostly of black text, a few lines and graphics that aren't as good as my old Atari 800 was capable of displaying.

  • larry gibson - Pans lose nonstick coating after about 4 months

    I ordered the 2 unit offer and a 3rd larger pan. All 3 pans have no nonstick qualities at all now. Even with oil in the pan, eggs stick every time. I have to soak and scrub them to clean the eggs off.