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  • Anthony S - Great tool

    Simple to use. The legend is easy to read and it makes for a quick diagnosis of problems with outlets. This is the easy part because actually fixing the problem and being afraid of getting electrocuted is the real struggle. I have put this to use on many outlets in my home and I'll continue to use it inside and out.

  • BillH - A very interesting 2010 technical review of the F1 season

    This review of the 2010 F1 technical advances has fascinating close-up illustrations of details that one doesn't normally see on TV or magazine coverage of Formula 1 cars. The illustrations seem to be all computer-generated although they look like colored hand-done drawings. It's hard to know just how accurate they are as the book contains no photographs. It appears that much of the art is taken from photos or on-the-scene sketches, although the author does not elaborate.

  • carol - Great product

    If you like a high gloss floor you will love this product. I clean for a living and 3 years ago the floor wax I used for over 10 years was discontinued I have been searching for a wet look floor product ever since, was very pleased to find this product, works great. Would recommend to any one looking for a high gloss floor product and is easy to apply. Have not however had to remove the product hope that will go as easy.