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  • https://chattem-corp.pissedconsumer.com/resolved-complaints.html 1 resolved Chattem Corp complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer - 1 Chattem Corp resolved complaints and reviews : Chattem Corp - Review about Capzasin Hp from Newark, New Jersey
  • https://chattem-corp.pissedconsumer.com/review-about-capzasin-hp-from-newark-new-jersey-20150511633969.html Chattem Corp - Review about Capzasin Hp from Newark, New Jersey Review 633969 May 11 @ Pissed Consumer - Used capzasinhp and left burn marks after applying it. Never had issues before
  • https://chattem-corp.pissedconsumer.com/allegra-topical-cream-20131221465616.html Chattem Corp - Allegra Topical Cream Review 393833 Dec 21 @ Pissed Consumer - This product is labeled Allegra, which is a brand name for Fexofenidine, an antihistamine. The product contains no fexofenadine, but instead has diphenhydramine, which is a much older antihistamine and is available anywhere for half the price of the

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  • R. A. Long - Do Not Waste Money for an Upgrade - So Inefficient Compared to Previous Versions

    DO NOT UPGRADE if you have Visio 2007 or older versions. I have been using Visio long before Microsoft bought it and it has been my go-to tool both at home and in the office. When our company upgraded us to WIndows 7, they made us upgrade to Viso 2010 - which now has the Ribbon Interface forced down our throats. Some manager at MS has no doubt received a fat bonus for forcing the Ribbon interface into Visio.

  • M. Glaves - WARNING! This cable steals souls!

    I bought this cable for my two-year-old daughter in the hopes that it would help bring her out of her shell a bit (she's very shy). Little did I know, this cable has an unexpected "feature". As soon as my daughter began to use the cable, it almost instantly stole her soul and replaced it with the soul of a perverted southeast asian pedicab driver named, "Bô Lemon". Bô will berate your parenting skills for about twenty minutes in what sounds like Thai, and then collapse exhausted into a heap, fast asleep. The manufacturer hasn't gotten back to me yet about whether or not this will be permanant, but even if not, this should have been clearly printed on the packaging, instead of in the fine print on page 44 of the user's manual.

  • Christina - Great product. Very effective

    Tend skin is a wonderful product. I am a woman that suffered from facial hair. Once I started the process to remove the hair, is instructed to shave (scared need to death, I'm prone to hair bumps just from using hair removing cream!) So my immediate concern was getting hair bumps. The technician recommended that I use tend skin.... And here it it's 3 months later, and I haven't suffered from a single hair bump since using tend skin!