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  • Greg B. - Far above all other blenders

    I got this item to replace my old blender that I purchased at wal-mart. My main purpose for blending is for smoothies in the morning (yogurt, greens and berries) and for making salad dressing or other cooking liquids.

  • frank - Fast growing. Good for acidic soil

    These Jonathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Ultra Grass seeds are excellent, and fast growing seeds. I live in the pacific northwest, wehre we get a lot of rain and we have some shady spots in our yard with acidic soil. I had several spots on my lawn where I had trouble growing grass for the last five years. One spot was in a shaded area under ceder trees. I had tried may other seeds from a local big box hardware store, including JB seeds. Those grass seeds did not thrive in the difficult areas. This Janathan Green seed is on the expensive side, at almost $95 dollars for a bag. However, it was the only seed that I could get to grow in a shady and acidic soil environment. For that reason, I highly recommend this seed. Also, I could see the grass starting to grow within just 2-3 days. I am very happy with this grass seed. I did mix this seed with the Fescue seeds by Jnanthan Green, which are a little bit cheaper at $70 per bag. They both are great.

  • Justin Kietzman - Not sure if it works, not sure if it doesn't

    I have been using this product for about 3 years, I have had no regrowth, but I have also had no more loss.

  • smiledriven - Abreva...doesn't touch severe outbreaks!!! Better options ...

    I've tried this product on several occasions hoping that will work like claimed. Each time I am disappointed, with the results (especially for the steep price). I often get 2 large cold sores during an outbreak. At times I've got 3-5 large cold sores at one time causing my lips look as big as Kim Kardashians, but blistered and swollen like someone hit me in the mouth with a baseball bat! This happens especially after getting very chapped lips or a sunburn on my face. Abreva has NEVER prevented an outbreak. If it "shortens" healing time and lessens the size of an ulcer it is hardly noticeable! Often times it takes 3-4 weeks for my lips to fully heal from a cold sore outbreak. The only thing that I've found effective in preventing or lessening severe outbreaks to barely noticeable bumps is an expensive acyclovir prescription taken several times a day with 1000mg Lysine several times a day. To help with the pain I do several things. Take Tyenol or a NSAID. Also every couple of hours I wash the area with cool water and mild soap, pat dry, and apply extra strength Ora-gel and mint lip balm (like Bert Bees) to my lips. This helps the pain and irritation for a couple hours from the itching, tingling, throbbing the ulcers cause. The mint balm helps relief chapped lips and I think the cooling sensation feels nice, but some may not like it.

  • JayElkes - Hghly Effective, Very Disruptive

    In his book 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, Peter Bregman suggests focusing on the one biggest issue to control your weight. For some people, this works brilliantly. If you aren't one of them, Dr. Mark Hyman uses a different premise:

  • J. Turner - Get past the slight smell and you are good.

    I noticed my supplements had a seal on the lid as well as a seal under the lid. There is also cotton inside the bottle, this is to ensure that the supplements are not damaged while out for delivery.