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  • Tanner & Shannon West - I highly recommend this mouse

    I highly recommend this mouse!!! It is hands down the best wireless mouse I have used. It is smooth and works fantastic.

  • james morton - in love with this game

    I am totally in love with the online version of this card game and last week, when I bought this pack, its my first time to actually play the physical paper cards, I got very nice cards too!

  • jamen anderson - Simple solution to overheating evolution kit.

    To everybody having overheating issues with the evolution kit. GET A FAN!! Seriously! My kit was getting insanely hot and making my tv freeze when streaming. If it got too hot my wifi would drop. I bought a tiny 6 inch clip on fan and attached it to my tv stand in the back and pointed it towards the kit. It now stays cool to the tough and I have had no problems since. Think about it, a pc processor needs a fan to stay cool which is exactly what this is. Very crude technique but effective.

  • L. Feldstein - A Place in the Sun

    This was my first read by R.S. Grey and I completely fell inlove with A Place in the Sun from start to finish. It's one of those romance reads that you will want to read straight through. Georgie was pure perfection. She had my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. She was a feisty, firery, snarky ball of awesome that just bulldozed her way into Gianluca's heart. Gianluca was spot on as a man who lived a quiet, simple life, not looking for love. He was naturally charming, a bit grumpy, and of course quite sexy. The relationship between Gianluca and Georgie was so special and brought on all the feels. I laughed at their banter, felt the gut punch angst, even had some tears as reality hit hard but then everything came back together and there was cheesy grinning, swooning and a happy heart. A Place in the Sun was an all around complete love story with everything you want to leave you satisfied.

  • That One Blonde - LOVE!

    Didn't believe the hype and reviews, but now I do. Love this stuff. I have problem areas on my cheeks that get welts and then blemishes for weeks. I've seen an 80% improvement since I bought this a month ago. I use it once per week and wash with coconut oil the other days, or just water. No other soaps, cremes or toners. Love it and I'll definitely recommend and buy again.