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  • Wildwoman1976 - Best you can get for your money!

    My husband swears this is the best out there and the best you could ever buy! He uses this in all his equipment and he has ALOT of equipment since he owns a landscaping and asphalt paving business.

  • Kou Xiong - Straight to the points girls boys do not waste your time

    Real review from real people, I honestly looked at review before purchasing. I signed up (stupidily) and now cant get my money back. Straight to the points girls boys do not waste your time, do not waste your money. I tried for a whole month, i saw nothing. I measure myself follow all step and still nothing. I excerise and drink plently of water, watch ehat i eat and still nothing. Please listen and do not buy.

  • Josh Carter - A Classic Bait And Switch

    What a piece of junk. I had a $20 wire roll from Radio Shack and another $14 sunk in banana plugs, and they worked perfectly fine. But I was looking for great, not 'perfectly fine'. So, as any reasonable person would logically conclude, I needed to spend $8,400 on speaker cables.

  • Linda - Love these trucks

    Love these trucks! Well built and last thru dirt and numerous siblings! I always purchase a year later to save the cash and the kids don't notice!

  • Jane - Excellent historical fiction

    For any fan of English history, this author provides a rich and realistic history of the man who began the Tudor dynasty. The historical facts are woven into a well crafted story that provides the background for was to be known as "The War of the Roses". Tony Riches has just been added to my favorite author list. I'm looking forward to reading his other books on this subject.

  • D. Bumgardner - This stuff is great and has been around forever

    This stuff is great and has been around forever. My great grandmother used to use it for all sorts of cuts, etc. It helps the pain and helps heal it. My mom always tells the story of a skinned knee that still had a stone in it and that with sayman salve and a band aid the stone came out.