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  • Brenton R. Grant III - Very versatile

    I haven't been able to use ours yet. Once my wife found out about the rechargable rabbit attachment in the knife, I haven't seen either one for a week.

  • Michael P. Quintero - Works well

    Directions say to use one once, I did. Did not fill the 5 gallon bucket, about 2/3's full. Plenty of suds, cleaned the vehicle, good job. My friend uses it all the time and says he has never waxed his vehicle. His does look shiney, mine too. Good stuff.

  • Robert B. Hess - They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they ...

    I bought this set in 2007. They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they are still going strong. The non-stick isn't as non-stick as it was at first but still doing pretty well. Yeah, you have to scrub the rivets as food sticks to them but my dish brush gets it off pretty easy. I'm not a freak about the appearance on the outside so it's not a big deal to me but performance is. They are heavy for aluminum pans which is what you want. They all do well but I really love the 12", it's a workhorse. When I first used it the difference between it and the cheap pans I had used before was huge. It holds the heat and can sear pretty well. The set as whole is still pretty sturdy, no looseness or problems with the pans or pots with their construction.

  • R. Ashcraft - Not enough 'racial profiling'

    My kids were so excited to get this toy and were waiting for the post each day until it finally arrived.