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  • melcon - This product works...

    I started taking these because hormonal imbalance was making me dry and itchy "down there." After a few weeks, I noticed a BIG difference, and now I have no problems whatsoever. I feel younger and back to normal again. (I'm 41.) These are worth the cost. The capsule is so small, and you only have to take one a day. I keep mine in my refrigerator and take one every morning.

  • nolefan61 - fixing a major short coming of this unit.

    Bought one of these w/battery. Like the 1 star review I too found the tester failing brand new brake fluid. What I discovered was that only the very tip of the probes need to touch the fluid. Insert it deeper into the fluid and the fluid fails. So what I did to fix that problem was to put heat shrink on each probe allowing no more than 3/8 of an inch of the probe tips to be exposed. This allows only the tip of the probes to sense the fluid no matter how deep it is inserted. Any thing, such as a rubber hose that is compatible with brake fluid will work. This seemed to fix the device and made it more reliable. I give this 2 stars because of the inaccuracy with new fluid. After the mod I would give it 5 stars. Here's a link to my test.

  • John Matthews - My wife passed the NCLEX PN first try

    My wife passed the NCLEX PN first try. She said this book really helped and wished she had purchased it earlier.

  • The1andOnly - Oh look, another remaster

    Battlefield 1 came out on the PC or something a long time ago because I remember playing battlefield 2 way, WAY back in the da.