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  • recyclequeen - hallmark card studio deluxe 2012

    I purchashed 2012 version 0f Hallmark card making. copyright on back of cards created is 2011, which I am not please with!

  • Deimarys - If you work out, you need this...

    The day i got a sample of the LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief on my PINCHme box i was having the worst muscular pain ever. I was working out and my trainer really kicked my butt. Anyways, i was like, you know what? why not... So i took a hot bath and apply the pain relief on my lower back and all the places that it hurt.

  • Solga - Not a very Happy Camper

    I had a crash on the program with a down load from my bank. The program only locked up on the one account that I was down loading at the time. It would not re set. Spent an hour on line typing to tech support with no luck. (they instructed me as if I was a computer wiz, which I am not) There was no one to call because it was a weekend. I spent another hour trouble shooting and good think I had a clean back up. Re installed the program and backed up with my clean copy and I am so far back in business, I will have to wait until the next down load from my bank to see if I am out of the woods. The error was sent to Intuit and I hope they fix it. This is the only problem I have had with Quicken in many years. The program is not cheep and you would think that it should work and convert to operate with banks properly. WAIT AND SEE!

  • stephanie - Not sure about this product, i work out 6 ...

    Not sure about this product, i work out 6 days a week so hopefully ill see some difference. so far im still extremely soar after drinking this.... Also the taste is a little sour in the beginning but tou get used to it after a while